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Career Education Information

EThOS Entrepreneurship Academy 
Engaging classes that nurture student creativity, through a small learning community. 

Majors Program 
The Majors Program provides students with experiences to understand, narrow or expand career choices beyond high school.  

Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs)

TOHS DECA Chapter 

Through leadership conferences and competitions, "prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management."

I'm confused about the name Career Education. My student wants to attend college after high school. Fantastic! Most of our students do attend college after graduation from TOHS Some may choose to start a career directly out of high school. The Majors Program, EThOS Entrepreneurship Academy and DECA better prepare the students for college and an eventual career.

Points of Contact

Jane Carlson
Career Education Coordinator

Lou Ann Lemmo
CE Staff