Rick Fowler

805.498.3617 x.1310
Office Hours: 7:30am - 8:30pm

Teacher Schedule

Course                    Period  Days    Classroom

     1              A               C-10 
Discover Science   2  A               C-10
Accelerated Math    3  A               C-10
Google Technology    1   B               C-10
Discover Science     2  B               C-10
Math Accelerated    3  B               C-10

A Day ACC Math/Science Homework

A Day 

Math Homework- Text pg. 141, # 9-16. The book starts with the Distributive Property simplification. Also, finish the Worksheets even numbered problems.

Science Homework- No homework

B Day Math/Science Homework

B Day  10-14-2019

Math Homework- Text pg. 130 12-20 and pg. 137, 17-21 and 25-32.

Science Homework- We need supplies for the Hen Lab (Please see the request for hens, salt, detergent and baking soda).  Bring in supplies ASAP we start next week.