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Teacher Schedule

Course                    Period  Days    Classroom

     1              A               C-10 
Discover Science   2  A               C-10
Accelerated Math    3  A               C-10
Google Technology    1   B               C-10
Discover Science     2  B               C-10
Math Accelerated    3  B               C-10

A Day ACC Math/Science Homework

A Day 12/3/19

Math Homework-Record and Practice Journal pg. 104 and 108.

Science Homework- CK 12 assignment 2.9 Earth's Interior and 2.10 Earth's Outer Layer needs to be completed. Read material, answer 20 questions and correct up 10 incorrect answers in writing and submit for a grade. Due Thursday

B Day Math/Science Homework

B Day  12/4/19

Math Homework-Text pg.223, # 15-19, 32-35 and RPJ pg. 116. Complete the page. Quiz on 5.1 to 5.4 on Tuesday.

Science Homework- Finish the 5 slides for 2.9 to 2.12. for Homework