Regular attendance is essential to successful school achievement. If a student will be absent for the entire day or coming in late, the parent/guardian must call the attendance line at (805) 498-3617 and choose option #1. Leave your name, child’s name, the date, and the reason for the absence. Legally excused absences are for illnesses, doctor visits, or funeral services for a family member. 

Any absence not cleared by a note or phone call from a student’s parent or guardian within 72 hours will result in a truancy with disciplinarian consequences. 

When coming to school late or returning to school after an absence, students are required to report to the office with either a note from a parent or guardian or a prior phone call. The note must include the following information: 

1. Current date 

2. Date(s) of absence 

3. Reason for absence 

4. Parent/Guardian signature 

Students who are absent without parent or guardian permission are truant. Once students arrive on campus, they are not to leave or they will be considered truant. Class work missed due to the truancy may not be made up. A parent or guardian will be notified of any verified truancy, and a parent or guardian/student conference may be held. Truancies will result in consequences such as Saturday Work Study. Excessive absences will be subject to the School Attendance Review process

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