We would like to introduce the two counselors that service all grade levels at Sequoia Middle School. Ms. Kelly Meador, who serves students with the last names A-K and Mrs. Shannon Martens who serves students with the last names L-Z. Our outstanding office staff members, Carol Magorien, and Suzanne Van Doren are also here from 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday to assist with your counseling needs.

Our entire counseling office is filled with truly remarkable, patient and highly informed professionals. We are here to assist children in crisis or conflict, and to help them with their academic, emotional and social needs. Please know that our counselors are available by phone, email and would be happy to see you in person. Please call if you need to set up an appointment to see one of the counselors. Many parents are not aware of the protocol we use when dealing with the students’ academic social and emotional needs, this is how it works:

Parents contact teachers to address individual concerns; this can be done by email (a list of email addresses can be found on (www.sequoiamiddle.org) or parents can call teachers at (805) 498-3617 and put in the teachers phone extensions. Once contact with the teachers has been established, they can arrange an individual meeting with the teachers of their choice. If there is a need for a counselor, and the conference requires more than one teacher, we can hold what is called a “Case Conference”. This type of conference will be facilitated by one our counselors and she will coordinate it as well; an administrator can attend if necessary. Once interventions are established, and there are still concerns, parents, teachers or administrators can call a “Student Study Team” meeting where teachers, parents, a psychologist, a special education teacher, the counselors, and administration are invited to participate. At these meetings we are generally discussing the success of prior interventions that were put in place, additional needs, and a possible assessment for special education.

Individual Counseling: Students that need individual counseling can obtain this several ways:

  • Self-Referral: a student can fill out a request for counseling (requests in counseling office)
  • Teacher/Administrative Referral: when a teacher/or administrator feels a student may benefit from a session with his or her counselor, based on a social, emotional or academic need; home communication may or may not follow-up, depending on the severity of the issue;
  • Parent Referral: A parent can call, email or drop in and verbally or in written form request a session with a counselor, either for themselves or their child; We ask that you indicate your student’s name, grade and a brief description of the issues at hand.

Group Counseling: Sequoia counseling office also runs a variety of counseling groups such as:“Changing Families” (divorce groups), organization groups, and at-risk teen outreach groups. Please contact our office if you any questions or are interested in getting your child involved in any of these programs. They typically run 8-10 weeks in length and are down 1 time per week during the lunch hour. Permission slips will be distributed prior to any group beginning.

Counseling Office Contact Information
Phone: (805) 498-8152

Kelly Meador [Last Names A-K]: Kmeador@conejousd.org • Shannon Martens [Last Names L-Z]: Smartens@conejousd.org

Office Staff
Carol Magorien-Counseling Secretary: Cmagorien@conejousd.org • Suzanne Van Doren-Counseling Clerk: svandoren@conejousd.org

Progress Reports Available: Trimester 1 October 5, 2019 • Trimester 2 January 25, 2020 • Trimester 3 April 26, 2020
Report Cards Available: Trimester 1 November 30, 2019 • Trimester 2 March 8, 2020 • Trimester 3 MAILED HOME June 21, 2020

The District is no longer printing middle or high school handbooks. Parents can view them on line under the secondary education information section on the District website.