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Positive Normas to Encourage in Math Class

  • Everyone Can Learn Math to the Highest Levels:  Encourage students to believe in themselves. There is no such thing as a "math" person. Everyone can reach the highest levels they want to, with hard work.
  • Mistakes are Valuable:  Mistakes grow your brain! it is good to struggle and make mistakes.
  • Questions are Really Important: Always ask questions, always answer questions. Ask yourself: why does this make sense?
  • Math is about Creativity and Making Sense: Math is a very creative subject that is, at its core, about visualizing patterns and creating solution paths that others can see, discuss and critique.
  • Math is about Connections and Communicating: Math is a connected subject, and a form of communication. Represent math in different forms; words, a picture, a graph, an equation, and link them. Color code!
  • Depth is much more Important than Speed: Top mathematicians, such a Laurent Schwartz, thnk slowly and deeply.
  • Math Class is about Learning not Performing: Math is a growth subject, it takestime to learn and it is all about effort.

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