Deductive Reasoning
Inquiry Based
Standards Centered
Cross Curricular
Outreach Projects
Varied Modes of Instruction
Environmental Awareness
Relevant Application of Technology

Technology: Multimedia • Web-Based Learning • Research Projects • Targeted Computer Skills

Real-life: Guest Speakers • Field Excursions • Community Service Projects

Synthesis & Mastery: Trimester Projects • 8th Grade Culminating Project

6th Grade Themes:
Power of Water
Hierarchies and Structure
Causes of Failure
Man-made/natural Architecture

7th Grade Themes:
Innovation and Inventions
Structure and Function
Survival and Adaptation

8th Grade Themes:
Growth and Formation
Liberation and Laws
Progression and Advancement


The DISCOVER Academy is a rigorous, three year program within Sequoia.  The academy exposes students to hands-on, innovative, and collaborative educational experiences.  Students participate in thematic units across the content areas of history, English and science to deepen their understanding and inspire students to become lifelong learners. 

DISCOVER’s students are afforded the opportunity to take full advantage of Sequoia’s diverse offering of electives, highly regarded physical education curriculum, and varied educational opportunities such as honors level classes in the 7th and 8th grade academic years. Simultaneously, the Academy students will cultivate their critical thinking and creative skills with hands on projects, field excursions, and community service projects.