Mrs. Mazza's Announcements

2019-2020 School Year


Dear Parents & Students,

For the most part, I will use the HOMEWORK link to keep you informed about assignments and dates, so be sure to use the HOMEWORK LINK everyday.  Please read below for a short overview of important information.  Thank you!

Social Studies Materials

Please note that students will need a 3 - 5 subject spiral or three ring binder dedicated to social studies class alone. On Thursday or Friday of this week I will send home with your student my class syllabus.  Please read it carefully, as it contains important information about my class.  Once you and your student have read the syllabus, you'll notice there is a page that requires your signature along with your students signature.  This paper including your signatures must be returned Monday 8/26 or Tuesday 8/27, if possible.  In addition, you'll notice the last page of the syllabus is a supply list.  You'll notice the supplies are basic, and will be very helpful as we work each day in class.  Along the bottom of this page you'll see My Wish List.  I appreciate you donating any of these items as you and your family are able.  Tissues become an instant necessity a week or two after school begins.  The hand wipes are very important as well, as I cannot use the bottled antibacterial gel any longer.  If you have any larger items such as an electric pencil sharpener, or unused staplers which you are able to donate, they are always needed, and would be greatly appreciated.  I thank you in advance for your help with these items.I look forward to a great year with your student and to meeting you at Back To School Night on September 12th.

Mrs. Mazza :)