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Update:  March 20, 2020

Dear Students, (parents may read as well)

I’m hoping you and your family are doing well, and that having this time together will be a time of growth and strengthening of your relationship with your parents, guardians, and siblings.  History books will surely document this period of time you are now living through! During our lessons at school we’ve discussed the great value for historians to locate primary source information, so the true facts of a historic period can be accurate.  Well, you are living through an unprecedented period of time when people are asked to isolate from one another with the hope that the spread of the COVID 19 virus can be slowed while scientists find medications and vaccines to help the world survive such an outbreak as this. While together we discussed the value of a diary, journal, letters, documents, and artifacts, that can be sources, primary sources, to help share the absolute truth of a historic period.  I encourage each of you to use your social studies spirals, or binder, folder of paper, either stapled or threaded together with yarn, so you can write down, or document, things you learn from the press conferences given by our government each day.  You can listen to trusted news reports, or read trusted articles, to keep an account of what is happening in our world. Just think, your journal or writings could someday be used to help the world to know what it was like for a seventh grader when school was closed, and families were forced to shelter in place in order to avoid spreading a deadly virus! What an incredible opportunity for each of you!  

It’s amazing how events like this help to remind us of the most important things in life.  I hope you are remembering to be compassionate to all those around you.  I hope you’re reminded daily of how important it is to have integrity, knowing what is right and doing it, and of course using all the wonderful skills we’ve learned in Advisory class.  Remember your values such as kindness, loyalty, being honest, generous, and  caring, is especially important now that we are confined. Why not use the techniques we learned such as  taking a deep breath before reacting, or counting, breathing deeply, thinking of a special time when we were happiest, before we act. 

I hope you know I’m thinking of each of you, and hoping for you to stay healthy and safe, so I can once again spend time with you.  Feel free to email me as often as you need.

Bye for now,

Mrs. Mazza


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