About Mrs. Mazza

Hello Future Vikings and Parents,    

      Redwood has been my home since 1995, and I still look forward to returning to work every August with the anticipation of meeting new students and their parents.  I've been teaching medieval history, or 7CP Social Studies, for several years, and I continue to discover new and relevant information to share with students beginning with the Roman Empire all the way through the period of time called the Enlightenment. 

     This year students will learn how each of the civilizations we study have impacted who we are as Americans today.  In addition, at the end of the year when we reach Unit 8,  we'll focus our study on topics which lay the foundation for 8th grade such as European Exploration, the Scientific Revolution, and finish up with the study of the Enlightenment. Studying the Enlightenment period is a perfect bridge to 8th grade US History, as  Enlightenment thinkers, writers, and philosophers, directly influenced our Founding Fathers when creating the two most important documents in American history, the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.  

          I'm expecting 2019-2020 to be a year of great learning, great friendships, and great fun. I look forward to meeting and building new relationships with students and parents this year.  


Mrs. Donna Mazza