Thursday 3/12:  Students received their registration for 8th grade yesterday which is a yellow form attached to their transcript.  Please review and sign it, and have your student return it as soon as possible.  It is formally due Tuesday 3/16.  Still collecting for manna, and tissues and hand wipes for our class.  Thank you all.

Wednesday 3/11:  Period A students  must view the map on page 297, and answer the two questions under the map. All other students, please be sure to turn in this assignment tomorrow, if you haven't already done so.

Tuesday:  Tonight students must answer the two questions under the map on page 297.  Also, please remember we are collecting food items as well as tissues and hand wipes.  Thank you for however you are able to help.  :)

Monday 3/9:  Hello parents, We are collecting for Manna right now as the Boys and Girls Club is sponsoring it, and I've asked the kids to check with you to see if you would be willing to donate:  hand wipes, tissues, (for our classroom), cans of corn, vegetables; cans of pasta; peanut butter; canned beans - red or kidney; tomato soup; coffee, tea, hot chocolate; hot cereal; canned fruit.  Your student can bring the items to my room as I arrive at 7:30-7:40 Monday, Wednesday-Friday. Thank you so much.  We will have until March 20th!

Friday 3/6:  Happy weekend to all!  No homework for students unless they did not do Thursday night's homework which was most of period 1 and 4.  :)  Parents, we are still in need of hand wipes and tissues, so if you find yourself shopping this weekend, I would be grateful for a donation!  Thank you much, and enjoy the weekend!!

Thursday 3/5:  Tonight students must go to page 290, and answer questions # 20, 21, 22, which are found under the blue sub-title - Geography Skills.  Still in need of hand wipes and tissues soon as well.  Thank you!

Tuesday 3/3:  Just a request for hand wipes.  Thank you for how ever you can help!  No homework for students tonight! :)

Monday 3/2:  Dear parents, Tonight there is no homework , however we have a great need for more hand wipes, similar to Wet Ones, however, off brand hand wipes would be just perfect!  Thank you so much for helping keep your students as germ free as possible!!  :)

Wednesday 2/26:  No homework!  :)

Tuesday 2/25:  Same as last night please. :)

Monday 2/24:  Tonight students must go through their handouts and papers from social studies, and bring them to school tomorrow, as we will trim and glue them into our spirals.  :)

Friday 2/21:  No homework, unless students did not finish their map two part activity.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday 2/20:  Tonight students must read pages 261-262, and then go to page 266, and answer question #1 in the Section 2 Review.  Please write on a separate piece of paper, and make a complete sentence, restating the question.

Wednesday 2/19:  No homework!

Tuesday 2/18: Students must try to finish their Geography Challenge Questions.  Use the atlas at the front of the textbook at home, or Chapter 4, or the internet, if you need help with questions.  

Thursday 2/14:  No homework, unless you did not do last night's homework.  Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day, and a great four day break!  :)

Wednesday 2/12:  Tonight students must read the rectangle shaped box on the right side of page 257 labeled, The Way It Was, Focus on Everyday Life, Civil Service Exams, and then answer the two questions below.  Please encourage your student to write on a separate piece of paper, and answer the questions in a complete sentence.

Tuesday 2/11:  No homework. :)

Monday 2/10:  No homework! :)

Friday 2/7:  No homework!  Have a wonderful weekend!  :)

Thursday 2/6:  No homework!  Turn in your Prepare a Camel activity if you haven't done so already!  :)

Wednesday 2/5:  No homework, unless you haven't turned in your Prepare a Camel handout.  :)

Tuesday 2/4:  Complete the Prepare a Camel activity as it is due tomorrow.

Monday 2/3: Tonight students should work on their Prepare a Camel activity.  In class today we worked on it, but keep in mind, we will not spend any more time on it in class.  The remainder of the activity must be done at home.  It is due this Wednesday 2/5.

Friday 1/31:  Students were given the last activity we will do for Unit 3, Africa.  They will prepare a camel for traveling the Sahara Desert, by adding physical features they learned about in a slides presentation in class today.  Their camel should have a name at the top, and be colorful, with explanations of why each of the characteristics they add are important for this "ship of the desert," to function transporting goods and people across the desert.  It will be due on WEDNESDAY 2/5, which seems like a lot of time.  Keep in mind we will only do a small portion of this in class, so they will have to do it mostly Monday and Tuesday evenings.  If your student has lots of commitments during the week, you may want to encourage him/her to do it over this weekend.  It is definitely up to you if your student begins the activity early.  Have a wonderful weekend together resting and having great family time!

Thursday 1/30:  No homework, unless your student did not complete last night's work.  See Wednesday 1/29 if needed.  :)

Wednesday 1/29:  Students must read pages 253-256.   Students must then go back  to page 253 and review the map, and answer questions 1 & 2, found beneath the map.

Monday 1/27:  No homework tonight.  :)

Friday 1/24:  No Homework!  Have a great weekend!

Thursday 1/23:  Tonight students must read pages 227-229 in their textbook, and then on page 229, answer the Reading Check question, in a complete sentence. The Reading Check is a green oval with a yellow check mark in it. :)

Wednesday 1/22:  No homework.

Tuesday 1/21:  No homework!

Thursday 1/16:  No homework!  Enjoy the four day break!  :)

Wednesday 1/15:  No homework! :)

Tuesday 1/14:  No homework tonight! :)

Monday 1/13:  No homework tonight!

Friday 1/10:  No homework!  Have a great weekend! :)

Thursday 1/9:  Only students who still need to turn in their illustration of Muslim achievements, will have homework tonight.  Please finish it, and bring it tomorrow.  :)

Wednesday 1/8:  Period A: Complete at least one illustration, or part of the cartoon or comic you are doing for the Muslim achievement assignment.  Periods 1-5: Finish the entire assignment tonight, and have it ready to turn in tomorrow. For information, see Tuesday 1/7 assignment posting.  :)

Tuesday 1/7:  Happy New Year to all!  I hope the two week break from school was a restful and fun time with your family and friends!

Tonight students must make one illustration (cartoon) on the back of the closed notes they took today in class today.  They may choose to illustrate one of the items that were made by Muslims during the Middle Ages.  Today we watched a video about ten popular inventions.  We either began or finished, depending on which class, a power point of another ten Muslim contributions to the world. So as of now your student has a possible twenty different contributions made by Muslims in the Middle Ages, to choose from.  Students were given the instructions on how to earn an A.  They must label their cartoon with the name of the contribution, use at least four colors when making it, be as neat as possible, and under the illustration, they must write a sentence about how it was and is important.  Tomorrow we will make the remaining two cartoons.

Friday 12/20:  Have a wonderful two week holiday break, and my hope is that you and your family enjoy hours of fun time together!  No homework!!!!  :)  Blessings to each and everyone of you!  :)

Thursday 12/19:  Spirals are due tomorrow, so please glue in all pages. :)

Wednesday 12/18:  Parents and students please remember spirals are due on this Friday 12/20.  I encourage you to continue to glue in any handouts or notes from past assignments.  Other than that, no homework!  :)

Tuesday 12/17:  Tonight students must glue in as many pages into their spiral, as this Friday 12/20, I will be collecting spirals for a grade.  :)

Thursday 12/12:  No homework tonight, unless you didn't do Wednesday night's homework!  :)

Wednesday 12/11: Tonight students must read the biography of Muhammad found on page 178, and answer the question in the Then and Now box, in a complete sentence.  :)

Tuesday 12/10:  No homework!  :)

Monday 12/9:  Students were told today that Miss Miller, our student teacher, will be leaving this Friday.  I mentioned this to them early in case they wanted to write her a little card to express their appreciation of how she helped them.  Otherwise, no homework for anyone tonight!

Friday 12/6:  No homework!  Have a great weekend, and stay dry! :)

Thursday 12/5:  No homework for students, unless they haven't yet turned in their Middle Ages Review packet.  

Wednesday 12/4:  The only students who have homework tonight are those who have not yet finished their Review Packet in which students  must use handouts 1-5.  Parents please feel free to help out.  :)

Tuesday 12/3:  Tonight students must work for a period of twenty minutes to try and finish the Middle Ages Review Packet they're working on in class.  In order to do this, they must use handouts Part 1-5.  :)

Monday 12/2:  Welcome back!   No homework.

Friday 11/22:  No homework, and have a wonderful week celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Be safe everyone, and we'll look forward to seeing you in December!  :)

Thursday 11/21:  No homework tonight, unless a student did not do the homework from Wednesday 11/20.  :)

Wednesday 11/20:  Tonight students must read pages 340-343 in their social studies textbook, and then answer the question, "What was life like in medieval Europe?"  This question is not in the book, however students were asked to write it down off of the Homework board in class today.  :)

Tuesday 11/19:  No homework tonight, unless you haven't turned in your pyramid project!

Monday 11/18:  The feudal pyramid projects we received today are AWESOME!!!  Tonight's homework is for ONLY those students who did not turn their project in today.  I'm hoping several kids will come by at lunch to finish it.  Please encourage your student to work on their pyramid tonight, and have it ready by tomorrow!  We hope to see some more awesome projects!  :)

Friday 11/15:  The feudal pyramid project is due on MONDAY  11/18, so students must work on it and finish it.  If you have questions, see the instructions below found in Thursday's post, or see your student's instructions on the back of the pyramid itself.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday 11/14:  Today students were assigned a project, that will be due on Monday 11/18.  In order to do the project students will use their school and home textbook. (home book pgs. 334-340) Ms. Miller passed out a copy of the instructions with the feudal pyramid drawn on the back.  Students will use color and drawings to show what the people look like in each segment of feudal society.  Then, they will write three complete sentences, following the instructions, about the people in each part of the feudal pyramid. 

Wednesday 11/13: Ms. Miller and I want to congratulate your student today, because each one of them behaved beautifully while our guest veterans spoke about their time serving our country.  Thank them for us, as we are so proud of them!  No homework!!  :)

Tuesday 11/12:  Please be prepared tomorrow with your most polite behavior as we welcome two guest speakers to class.  

Friday 11/8:  Today we mentioned to students that we will have two guest veterans visit our classes on Wednesday 11/13.  For homework tonight, we asked students to come up with some (3) or so, POLITE questions they would like to ask our guests.  Have an awesome three days!!!  :)

Thursday 11/7: Period A, please write a quick write on pg. 33 in your spiral answering the question, "What Kind of Ruler was Justinian?", using the evidence from the power point on the Byzantine Empire, and the two recent primary sources we've read in class.  Periods 1-5, no homework tonight.

Wednesday 11/6:  No homework tonight!

Tuesday 11/5:  Tonight students will answer a DBQ question under a small Primary Source document found on page 357.  The title is "The Franciscan Way of Life.  Students must read the short primary source excerpt, and then answer the question.

Tuesday 10/29: No homework tonight!

Thursday 10/24:  No homework tonight.  :)

Wednesday 10/23:  Tonight Period A students must complete the homework assigned for last night, Tuesday 10/22.  Periods 1-5, there is no homework!

Tuesday 10/22:  Tonight students will look for something that is a primary source, then write it down, and explain why it is one.  Next, they will find a  secondary source, write it down, and explain why it is a secondary source.  

For assistance, see below:

A primary source is a firsthand account written by a person who actually lived and experienced the historical event.  Primary sources can be documents, maps, books, poems, diaries, letters, notes, and autobiographies written at the time of the historical event.   A primary source could also be an artifact from a period of history.  Artifacts such as pottery, tablets with writing, furniture, or many other items from a particular event in history.  A secondary source is something written or created by someone  who wasn't there at the historical event.  Some examples of secondary sources are,  biographies, book, and articles, written after the event, by someone who wasn't present at the actual event.  Usually someone writing a biographies will use primary sources as resources for the writing of their book.  

Hope this helps!

Monday 10/21:  No homework.  :)

Thursday 10/17:  Tonight students must finish their map using pages 65-77 of their textbook for assistance.  :)

Wednesday 10/16:  No homework.

Tuesday 10/15:  Period 2 only must write a main idea about the powerpoint we viewed in class about the Byzantine Empire, and why it was such an important topic in history.

Monday 10/14:   No homework.  :)


Thursday 10/10:  Tonight students must study the Test Review Handout along with all other handouts we've completed in class, so they are prepared for tomorrow's test.  Good luck students!!!

Tuesday 10/8: Tonight students will read pgs. 157-165 in their textbooks.  If your family observes the Jewish holiday, please feel free to do the reading over the weekend.  Since we will not have school tomorrow, Wednesday 10/9, students might want to review their notes and handouts for Friday's test.  Enjoy the day off, however you spend it.   :)

Monday 10/7:  Tonight students must finish the Test Review Handout, and please find lots of ways to study it.  This FRIDAY 10/11, so students want to be thoroughly prepared.  

Friday 10/4: Normally students do not have homework on the weekend, however we have a big test this coming Friday 10/11, so I prepared a "Test Review Handout," (study guide) for them to fill out in any way they choose.  There are 20 items, and students may write it a description of each item using their text, notes, worksheets, or spiral.  They may draw pictures of each one instead, or they could make a video of themselves talking about each item, or they can bring in a stack of flash cards with each of the 20 items explained.  My goal is for students to have this prepared by Monday 10/7.  It is a graded assignment!  Thank you for your support and encouragement ALWAYS!!  Have a wonderful weekend!  :)

Wednesday 10/2:  Tonight students must go to page 158, and analyze the map. They must read the title and key, and then answer the two questions under it in complete sentences.  I announced that students will have a test later next week.  I will give more details in the next day or so.  Today in class we highlighted portions of their worksheet that the test will cover, so they will know what to study.

Friday 9/27:  A PERIOD ONLY:  Since A period will not meet until Wednesday 10/2, students must complete Part B. of the packet that has the KWL chart attached on top.  Students may use their home book pages 139-143.  I hope to see many of you at the barbecue and Fall Festival.  Have a great three days

Wednesday 9/25:  Students must go to page 147, and read the paragraphs under the titles, "The Way It Was,", and  "Slavery in the Roman Empire."  Then, answer the two questions at the bottom in complete sentences.  :)

Tuesday 9/24:  No homework!  

Monday 9/23:  No homework!  Don't forget to purchase a wristband for your student today though Thursday, so they can have unlimited access to all of the events at the Fall Festival this Friday at 4:30-6:30.

Friday 9/20:  No homework tonight!  Enjoy the weekend, and remember, we will begin selling wristbands to students this Monday-Thursday.  The wristband prices are: -without a Redwood sticker on the ID card (ASB sticker), the wristband is $30.00.  With a wristband, students can go on the inflatables etc. as often as they want.  Read about it in the Viking Voice which is sent to you.  If students have an ASB sticker on their ID card, then their wristband will cost only $15.00.  Without a wristband, students will have to use coupons to go on inflatables etc., which are between .50cents - $2.00.  I hope to see you there next Friday.  Don't forget to registar for the free barbecue, which takes place along along with the festival.:)

Thursday 9/19:  Tonight students must go to page 138, and read the title and key to the map.  Then they must answer the two questions under the map.

Wednesday 9/18:  No Homework!

Tuesday 9/17:  No homework tonight!  

Friday 9/13:  Thank you to those of you who were able to make it to BackTo School Night!  It is a wonderful time getting to know you for those brief moments!  As we gaze out at you, it is such fun as we try to figure which of our students belong to you. :) Your support is vital to your children's success in all classes.  Great news for you and your student, as there is no homework this weekend.  PARENTS:  Please consider joining our PTSA organization, and attending our Redwood PTSA Back to School Free BBQ and ASB Fall Festival Fundraiser on September 27, from 4:30-6:30 PM.  PRESALE TICKETS for ACTIVITIES AND SNACKS begin on  MONDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd, and continue to THURSDAY the 26th.  For a FLAT DONATION of  $30 ($15 with Redwood's Activities Sticker) STUDENTS will be given an ACTIVITIES WRISTBAND for UNLIMITED PLAY during the event!  We would love to see you there!

Thursday 9/12: Tomorrow students will have their first test this year in Social Studies.  We're encouraging them to review their Map Skills Review worksheet, and any notes we've written in class.  Hope to see all parents tonight at Back To School Night!

Wednesday 9/11:  Study for the geography test this Friday, 9/13.  Be sure to study the differences between a physical map and a political map.  (for help use pages 62-65)

Monday 9/9:  We are having our first test this Friday 9/13.  Students will study tonight for homework, the Map Skills Review handout we're working on in class. Students should plan to study for ten to fifteen minutes.

Thursday 9/5:  Tonight students DO have a homework assignment.  From the Social Studies textbook, go to pages 62-65, where world maps can be found.  Locate the following three places, and then write a complete sentence telling where they are on the globe.  1.  Queen Elizabeth Islands; 2. West Indies;          3.  Seychelles;  Below is an example showing students what their sentences should look like.  EXample: The Hawaiian Islands can be found west of the United States, in the Pacific Ocean.  

Wednesday 9/4:  No homework!  :)

Tuesday 9/3:  No homework.  Parents, if you have some extra tissue boxes around the house, or hand wipes, we could put them to good use here in room 22!  Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Friday 8/30:  Students have homework this three-day break, only if they weren't able to finish their "shoe" activity.  If your student finished in class, there is no homework!  Have a wonderful three day break!  :)

Thursday 8/29:  No homework tonight.  Enjoy your evening.!  Parents, I wanted to remind you again about possible donating tissues and hand wipes to our social studies class.  We are nearing our second to third week of school, and students will begin to catch illnesses from their peers, so I would love to be prepared with the necessary items ahead of time.  Thank you for  your generosity, and thank you to those who have already donated some items for our class. :)

Wednesday 8/28:  Please complete your "How to Succeed in This Class," if you haven't yet turned it in. :)

Tuesday 8/27:  In class today, students received a handout titled, "How to Succeed in This Class" on one side, with "The Six Articles of Digital Citizenship" on the back.  On the first side, students must write comments in the four boxes and may use bullet points instead of complete sentences.  They may ask for your input as well as use the class syllabus, which today we glued or stapled into their spiral, for assistance.  Please take time to review the side of the handout that concerns digital citizenship, as it is so important for all students to understand.  The handout is due tomorrow.  Thank you.  :)

Monday 8/26: Some students still must turn in the signature sheet which is attached to the class syllabus I gave to them last Friday, 8/23.  Otherwise there is no homework!

Friday 8/23:  Today students will come home with a class syllabus from Social Studies class.  I've included a supply list for this class.  In addition, there is a page for you and your student to print and sign  once you've completed reading it TOGETHER.  Reading it together is important, so your student is familiar with class procedures and policies. Thank you in advance.Homework:  Return the page that requires a signature, and provide students with the necessary supplies for this class.  

Thursday 8/22:  Today was a special day as students had their first nutrition break here at Redwood.  The procedure for nutrition, is that all students must grab a snack, or money for a snack, and go down to the quad immediately until the bell which signals the of nutrition.  If you need some help with the schedule changes here at Redwood, go to the Redwood website and view each day's schedule.  I personally have schedules all over, and I've posted some in my room for students as it can be difficult to remember.  The great news is that in a couple weeks, we'll have these changes memorized!     No homework tonight! 

Wednesday 8/21:  Welcome back to all of my new students and their parents!!!  It was wonderful to see your children, and I am so excited about the year ahead.  I encourage you to often visit my homework page.  Perhaps you could bookmark it on your upper toolbar for easy reference!  No homework tonight as I would like your student to relax and enjoy their afternoon!  I hope to see you at Back To School Night held on September 12, 2019.