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STAR Review Astronomy5/9/20142.63 MBDownload
STAR Review Chemical Reactions5/9/20141.53 MBDownload
STAR Review Forces5/9/20143.02 MBDownload
STAR Review Motion5/9/20146.26 MBDownload
STAR Review Periodic Table5/9/2014679.50 KBDownload
STAR Review Scientific Method5/9/20143.27 KBDownload
STAR Review Structure of Matter5/9/20142.61 MBDownload

Welcome to Mrs. Dixon's Home Page

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Hello - Welcome to Science!

We are a family and we will behave so that all can learn and have fun. We have three main rules: Be careful. Be quick. Be kind.

Being careful means that you do your best with every class and HW assignment. You are respectful of yourself all in the lab so we all are safe and efficient.

Being quick means that you come prepared with your materials and your work, on time, and are ready in your seat with an attitude for learning.

Being kind means that you respect yourself and take care to come see me for help if you are uncomfortable. It also means that we treat one another as a family and we invite folks to be our lab partners. We include new friends. There are no foolish questions so you never need to feel awkward. Being kind means that you do not take class time away from others by being silly.

HW - 10%

CW/Labs/Summaries/Projects/Tests - 90% 



Period Monday - Friday
1 Science 8H RAM
2 Science 8CP RAM
3 Science 8CP RAM
4 Science 8H RAM
5 Science 8CP RAM
6 Science 8H RAM