Ms. Harman's 8CP Homework

Due to school closure, all assignments should be submitted to Google Classroom.  Questions should be directed to  

To turn in homework assigned through our google classroom, use the login  with the password you use to access q grades. If you don't have it, see me or email your counselor.  

Use these codes the first time you join our class on Google Classroom.

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Perspectives Textbook website: Use  Easy Bridge customer login.


Week of: March 30 going forward.  Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom and should be submitted there as well.


Week of :March 23-27

Voluntary activities are available on the CVUSD website for ELA 8th grade English as well as other subjects.


Week of: March 9-13

Mon.: Complete Book Report Approval #5.

Tues.: My Perspectives: Unit 4 Academic Vocabulary (Intro) p.343.

Wed.: Study Vocabulary Activities for Flowers for Algernon and Unit 4 academic vocabulary.

Thurs.: Flowers for Algernon Anticipation Guide Handout.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #5 due 4/21.


Week of: March 2-6

Mon.: Finish Book Report #4.

Tues.: Turn in MUG's 1-10.

Wed.: Work on typing journals due Friday.

Thurs.: Journals due tomorrow and all late, missing and extra credit work is due for Trimester 2.

Fri.: Begin reading your 200+ page novel on shaping character for Book Report #5: Character Investigations due 4/21.


Week of: February 24-28

Mon.: Answer questions p. 217 and 225 at the end of from The Diary of a Young Girl and Nobel Peace Prize in Unit 2.

Tues. Finish Anne Frank Play packet & make sure movie permission is signed for The Diary of Anne Frank 2009 for young adults.

Wed.: Complete worksheet Latin Suffix -ent (downloadable).

Thurs.: Finish MUG's 1-10 and turn in no later than tomorrow.

 Fri.- Work on Book Report 4 : Doodle Art Mini Novel (on Google Classroom) due next Tuesday 3/3.


Week of: February 18-21

Tues.: Anne Frank Packet Act II: Scene 3 and get permission slip signed for the Anne Frank movie.

Wed.: Review SBAC vocabulary list on for test tomorrow.

Thurs.: Anne Frank Packet: Act II: Scenes 4-5. Finish packet for collection.

Fri.: Read/ Work on Book Report #4 due Mar. 3.


Week of: February 10-13

Mon.: Finish Anne Frank Packet Act II: Scenes 1-2.

Tues.: Complete the Anne Frank House: Reader-Response Journal Handout using the info from

Wed.: Begin working on activities for SBAC 8CP List 1 on Test. 

Thurs.: Read/ Work on Book Report #4 due March 3.


Week of: February 3- 7

Mon.: Finish Act 1: Scene 5 in Anne Frank packet.

Tues.: Complete Anne Frank Character Traits Chart (downloadable handout side 1).

Wed.: Complete  Anne Frank Character Panel Prep (downloadable handout side 2).

Thurs.: Anne Frank Text Structures and Word Study handout (downloadable).

Fri.: Read for Book Report #4 due March 3.


Week of: Jan. 27- 31

Mon.: Work on Holocaust Webquest (This assignment is now a 20 point extra credit assignment due to technology constraints accessing material)

Tues.: Arrive at 8:00 am tomorrow for field trip to the Museum of Tolerance.  Bring a sack lunch and dress nicely.

Wed.: Study Vocabulary for Anne Frank: Act 2 test tomorrow on

Thurs.: Work on Anne Frank Packet Scene 4.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #4 Doodle Art due March 3.



Week of: Jan. 21-24

Tues.:Complete Book Report Approval Form for Book Report #4.

Wed.: Study Anne Frank Act II Vocabulary for test next Thursday, Jan. 30.

Thurs.: Complete Act 1 Scenes 3 from the AF Play Packet.

Fri.: Read for BR #4 Due March 3.



Mon.: Finish Book Report #3.  Museum of Tolerance permission slips with $25 is due tomorrow.

Tues.: Study for test on Anne Frank Act 1.

Wed: Work on Anne Frank packet and complete work for Act 1: Scenes 1-2.  Packet will be collected when we finish the play.

Thurs.: Last day for late work, make up work and extra credit by tomorrow.

Fri.: Find a book about character or characters who experience a change or a new beginning for Book Report 4: Doodle Art Mini Books.


Week of: Jan. 6-10  Progress Report Grading Period Ends 1/17.

Mon.: Complete BISP Annotations 11-20 and bring book to return.

Tues.: Complete Pre-reading/ Setting and Historical Background for Anne Frank the Play.

Wed.: Begin Anne Frank Act I Voc. Test next Wed.

Thurs.: MUGS 11-20 due tomorrow.

Fri.: Book Report 3: Game Day due next Tuesday.  See Google Classroom for directions.


Week of: Dec. 6-10

Mon.: Finish Drafting 2-3 pg. Holiday Research Report.  Use directions and sample on Google Classroom.

Tues.: Proofread and submit Holiday Research Report (by midnight).  Make sure you have in-text citations and a works cited page.

Wed.: Complete BISP Voc. 15-17. Test tomorrow.

Thurs.: Finish Annotations for BISP Ch. 11-20.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #3 due 1/14.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!


Week of: Dec. 9-13

Mon.: Complete #4 in packet: Notetaking 1&2.

Tues.: Complete #5: Notetaking 3& 4.

Wed.: Start BISP Vocabulary 15-17 worksheet and activities due next Thursday.

Thurs.: Complete #6: Outline of Holiday Research Project.

Fri.: Work on drafting your Holiday Research Project due 12/17.  Read for Book Report #3 due 1/14.


Week of: December 2-6

Mon.: Complete BISP Vocabulary 10-12 worksheet by Wednesday for test.

Tues.: Do activities on to review for 10-12 Voc. test.

Wed.: Select a topic for your Holiday Research Report due 11/17.

Thurs.; Work on BISP Annotations for Ch. 11-15.

Fri.: Work on Holiday Research Report and read for Book Report #3 due 1/14.


Mon.: Book Report #3 Approval Form

Tues.: Work on BISP Annotations Ch. 8-10. (Ch. 6-10 check on Friday).

Wed.: Work on BISP Vocabulary Handout for Ch. 10-12 and work on activities.  Test and handout collection 12/4.

Thurs.: BISP Annotations through Ch. 10 due tomorrow to participate in Zombie activity.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #3 due Jan. 14.



Trimester 1 End


Week of: Nov. 12-15

Mon.: Veteran's Day

Tues.: Finish Book Report #2 and submit to Google Classroom

Wed.: Begin studying Ch. 7-9 BISP words on for test on 11/20.

Thurs.: Complete Journals due tomorrow and submit to Google Classroom.

Fri.: Get a book about how family members or community members worked together for Book Report #3 due Thurs. Jan. 14.


Week of: November 4-8

Mon.: Work on annotations for Ch. 6 BISP.

Tues.: Complete Vocabulary Worksheet for Ch.4-6 and work on activities to practice for the test tomorrow.

Wed.: Work on BISP annotations for Ch. 7.

Thurs.: Make sure you have completed the Self Progress Assessment and had it signed by a parent or guardian. 

Fri.:  Work on Film vs. Fiction Book Report due Tuesday.  Watch the movie if you haven't.


Week of: Oct. 28-31

Mon.: Finish Annotations for Ch. 3 & 4

Tues.: Complete Annotations for Ch. 5

Wed.: Begin working on BISP Vocabulary Ch. 4-6.  Test will be 11/6.

Thurs.: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Read/ Work on Book Report #2 due 11/13.


Week of: Oct. 21-25

Mon.: Finish 5 annotations for Ch. 1 The Boy in Striped Pajamas (downloadable handout).

Tues.: Study and complete Vocabulary 1-3 handout to prepare for Voc.Test Ch.1-3 tomorrow. (Freedoms & Rights and Voc. 1-3 collected tomorrow).

Wed.: Complete all MUG sentences to hand in tomorrow.

Thurs.: Make sure you have turned in one evaluation (on notebook paper) of a group presentation other than your own.  Include 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #2 due 11/13.


Week of: Oct. 14-18

Mon.: Complete Rites of Passage group presentation and submit to Google. (Presentations begin Wed. in class).

Tues.: Boy in Striped Pajamas (BISP) Complete Freedoms and Rights handout (downloadable) and your Nametag. (Freedoms handout will be collected next Wed.)

Wed.: Begin BISP Ch. 1-3 Vocabulary Handout and begin working on BISP Ch. 1-3 activities for test next Wed. (Handout will be due on the day of the test).

Thurs.: Complete BISP Annotations (downloadable handout) for chapter 1. Check next Tuesday.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #2 due 11/13.


Week of: Oct. 7- 11

Mon.: Research and Select the Rite of Passage you will share about for your group project due Tuesday, Oct. 15. See directions on Google Classroom.

Tues.: Study on for vocabulary test Thurs. on Unit 1: Pt. 2 words. 

Wed.: NO SCHOOL/ Proofread, edit, and resubmit Personal Narratives by midnight.

Thurs.: Type out your one page rite of passage research and story.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #2.  Work on Rite of Passage Group Project.


Week of: Oct. 1-4

Tues.: Book Report #2 Approval Form

Wed.: practice for Unit 1: Part 2 test next Thurs. 10/10.

Thurs.: Close Read Guide on a self selected independent learning selection from My Perspectives.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #2 due 11/13.


Week of: 9/23-9/27

Mon.: Finish Book Report #1 due tomorrow.

Tues.: Tone and Mood Handout.

Wed.: Complete p. 60-61 questions at the end of "Hanging Fire" and "Grandfather's House" in your Small Group Learning Teams.

Thurs.: Complete p. 71 questions on "Setting Sun" and "Rolling World." Packets due tomorrow.

     Packets include: p. 42-43 (Working as a Team/ Making a Schedule) and Ques. p.49. 60-61. and 71 on ("Boogaloo," "Be Yourself,"" Hanging Fire," "Grandfather's

      House," "Setting Sun" and "Rolling World").

Fri.:  All work due for Progress Report today.  Start looking for a book for Book Report #2 on Perseverance. We will go to the library next week.


Week of: 9/16-9/20 

Mon.: Complete personal narrative and proofreading checklist (done by a peer or parent). 

Tues.: Submit your narrative no later than midnight along with a photo or attachment of the completed checklist for 5 points extra credit.

Wed.: Make sure to complete "Working as a Team" and "Making a Schedule" with your class team.  (p. 42 & 43) and complete p. 49 ques. on "Electric Boogaloo" 

Thurs.: Complete ques. from "Just Be Yourself" p. 49 for your team packet.

Fri.: Work on Book Report # 1 due next week on 9/24.

Note: Working as a Team, Making a Schedule and questions from Boogaloo, Just be Yourself, Hanging Fire/ Grandfather's House and  Setting Sun/ Rolling World will all be collected as a packet from each member of the team on September 27. 


Week of: 9/9-9/13

Mon.: Handout -Symbolism and Active and Passive voice (Downloadable from my webpage- 2 pages)

Tues.: Complete activities for Unit 1 Voc. Test tomorrow. 9/11)

Wed.: Begin Nonfiction Narrative Performance Task on Google Classroom- Complete Prewriting.

Thurs.: Work on drafting for Nonfiction Narrative due Tues. 9/17.

Fri.: Keep reading for Book Report # 1 due 9/24.


Week of: 9/2- 9/6

Tues.:Begin Unit #1 Practice Activities Voc.on  Email Ms. Harman if you don't have your login info.  Test 1 will be Wed. 9/11.

Wed.: Complete the first half of your Evidence Log (downloadable from my homepage) on "Red Roses." 

Thurs.: Complete  the second half of your Evidence Log on "Medicine Bag."  Evidence Logs due Friday.

Fri.: Read your book for  your first book report due 9/24.  Plan how much you need to read each week by dividing the book into the number of days left between now and 9/20.  This will give you 4 days to do your illustrated poetry project on Google Classroom or as a Print Version Booklet.


Week of: 8/26-8/30

Mon.: Make sure you have a novel about Teamwork of 200 pages or more for Tuesday's Book Check.

Tues.: Complete a Book Report Approval Form.

Wed.: Create a 6 Word Memoir on a Google Slide Presentation.  See Google Classroom for directions and a sample.

Thurs. What's your Back Story? The six word memoir explained. Add your back story on 1-2 additional slides.  Submit your finished project on Google Slides by tomorrow.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #1 due Tues. Sept. 24.


Week 1- 8/21-8/23

1. Have The Harmanian Odyssey signed with parent contact info by Monday. (downloadable)

2. Find a journal you like that you would take pride writing in. A bound book with lined pages or spiral notebook is acceptable. Due Monday.

3. Get a  novel of 200 or more pages that has to do with Teamwork to begin reading for Book Report 1.  We will be going to the school library as a class on Monday as well to help you find a book. (Due Tuesday).