Ms. Harman's 8CP Homework


To turn in homework assigned through our google classroom, use the login  with the password you use to access q grades. If you don't have it, see me or email your counselor.  

Use these codes the first time you join our class on Google Classroom.

Period 4= j3q8sg  Period 5= 9zd5eg

Perspectives Textbook website: Use  Easy Bridge customer login.


Week of: February 18-21

Tues.: Anne Frank Packet Act II: Scene 3 and get permission slip signed for the Anne Frank movie.

Wed.: Review SBAC vocabulary list on for test tomorrow.

Thurs.: Anne Frank Packet: Act II: Scenes 4-5. Finish packet for collection.

Fri.: Read/ Work on Book Report #4 due Mar. 3.


Week of: February 10-13

Mon.: Finish Anne Frank Packet Act II: Scenes 1-2.

Tues.: Complete the Anne Frank House: Reader-Response Journal Handout using the info from

Wed.: Begin working on activities for SBAC 8CP List 1 on Test. 

Thurs.: Read/ Work on Book Report #4 due March 3.


Week of: February 3- 7

Mon.: Finish Act 1: Scene 5 in Anne Frank packet.

Tues.: Complete Anne Frank Character Traits Chart (downloadable handout side 1).

Wed.: Complete  Anne Frank Character Panel Prep (downloadable handout side 2).

Thurs.: Anne Frank Text Structures and Word Study handout (downloadable).

Fri.: Read for Book Report #4 due March 3.


Week of: Jan. 27- 31

Mon.: Work on Holocaust Webquest (This assignment is now a 20 point extra credit assignment due to technology constraints accessing material)

Tues.: Arrive at 8:00 am tomorrow for field trip to the Museum of Tolerance.  Bring a sack lunch and dress nicely.

Wed.: Study Vocabulary for Anne Frank: Act 2 test tomorrow on

Thurs.: Work on Anne Frank Packet Scene 4.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #4 Doodle Art due March 3.



Week of: Jan. 21-24

Tues.:Complete Book Report Approval Form for Book Report #4.

Wed.: Study Anne Frank Act II Vocabulary for test next Thursday, Jan. 30.

Thurs.: Complete Act 1 Scenes 3 from the AF Play Packet.

Fri.: Read for BR #4 Due March 3.



Mon.: Finish Book Report #3.  Museum of Tolerance permission slips with $25 is due tomorrow.

Tues.: Study for test on Anne Frank Act 1.

Wed: Work on Anne Frank packet and complete work for Act 1: Scenes 1-2.  Packet will be collected when we finish the play.

Thurs.: Last day for late work, make up work and extra credit by tomorrow.

Fri.: Find a book about character or characters who experience a change or a new beginning for Book Report 4: Doodle Art Mini Books.


Week of: Jan. 6-10  Progress Report Grading Period Ends 1/17.

Mon.: Complete BISP Annotations 11-20 and bring book to return.

Tues.: Complete Pre-reading/ Setting and Historical Background for Anne Frank the Play.

Wed.: Begin Anne Frank Act I Voc. Test next Wed.

Thurs.: MUGS 11-20 due tomorrow.

Fri.: Book Report 3: Game Day due next Tuesday.  See Google Classroom for directions.


Week of: Dec. 6-10

Mon.: Finish Drafting 2-3 pg. Holiday Research Report.  Use directions and sample on Google Classroom.

Tues.: Proofread and submit Holiday Research Report (by midnight).  Make sure you have in-text citations and a works cited page.

Wed.: Complete BISP Voc. 15-17. Test tomorrow.

Thurs.: Finish Annotations for BISP Ch. 11-20.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #3 due 1/14.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!


Week of: Dec. 9-13

Mon.: Complete #4 in packet: Notetaking 1&2.

Tues.: Complete #5: Notetaking 3& 4.

Wed.: Start BISP Vocabulary 15-17 worksheet and activities due next Thursday.

Thurs.: Complete #6: Outline of Holiday Research Project.

Fri.: Work on drafting your Holiday Research Project due 12/17.  Read for Book Report #3 due 1/14.


Week of: December 2-6

Mon.: Complete BISP Vocabulary 10-12 worksheet by Wednesday for test.

Tues.: Do activities on to review for 10-12 Voc. test.

Wed.: Select a topic for your Holiday Research Report due 11/17.

Thurs.; Work on BISP Annotations for Ch. 11-15.

Fri.: Work on Holiday Research Report and read for Book Report #3 due 1/14.


Mon.: Book Report #3 Approval Form

Tues.: Work on BISP Annotations Ch. 8-10. (Ch. 6-10 check on Friday).

Wed.: Work on BISP Vocabulary Handout for Ch. 10-12 and work on activities.  Test and handout collection 12/4.

Thurs.: BISP Annotations through Ch. 10 due tomorrow to participate in Zombie activity.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #3 due Jan. 14.



Trimester 1 End


Week of: Nov. 12-15

Mon.: Veteran's Day

Tues.: Finish Book Report #2 and submit to Google Classroom

Wed.: Begin studying Ch. 7-9 BISP words on for test on 11/20.

Thurs.: Complete Journals due tomorrow and submit to Google Classroom.

Fri.: Get a book about how family members or community members worked together for Book Report #3 due Thurs. Jan. 14.


Week of: November 4-8

Mon.: Work on annotations for Ch. 6 BISP.

Tues.: Complete Vocabulary Worksheet for Ch.4-6 and work on activities to practice for the test tomorrow.

Wed.: Work on BISP annotations for Ch. 7.

Thurs.: Make sure you have completed the Self Progress Assessment and had it signed by a parent or guardian. 

Fri.:  Work on Film vs. Fiction Book Report due Tuesday.  Watch the movie if you haven't.


Week of: Oct. 28-31

Mon.: Finish Annotations for Ch. 3 & 4

Tues.: Complete Annotations for Ch. 5

Wed.: Begin working on BISP Vocabulary Ch. 4-6.  Test will be 11/6.

Thurs.: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Read/ Work on Book Report #2 due 11/13.


Week of: Oct. 21-25

Mon.: Finish 5 annotations for Ch. 1 The Boy in Striped Pajamas (downloadable handout).

Tues.: Study and complete Vocabulary 1-3 handout to prepare for Voc.Test Ch.1-3 tomorrow. (Freedoms & Rights and Voc. 1-3 collected tomorrow).

Wed.: Complete all MUG sentences to hand in tomorrow.

Thurs.: Make sure you have turned in one evaluation (on notebook paper) of a group presentation other than your own.  Include 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #2 due 11/13.


Week of: Oct. 14-18

Mon.: Complete Rites of Passage group presentation and submit to Google. (Presentations begin Wed. in class).

Tues.: Boy in Striped Pajamas (BISP) Complete Freedoms and Rights handout (downloadable) and your Nametag. (Freedoms handout will be collected next Wed.)

Wed.: Begin BISP Ch. 1-3 Vocabulary Handout and begin working on BISP Ch. 1-3 activities for test next Wed. (Handout will be due on the day of the test).

Thurs.: Complete BISP Annotations (downloadable handout) for chapter 1. Check next Tuesday.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #2 due 11/13.


Week of: Oct. 7- 11

Mon.: Research and Select the Rite of Passage you will share about for your group project due Tuesday, Oct. 15. See directions on Google Classroom.

Tues.: Study on for vocabulary test Thurs. on Unit 1: Pt. 2 words. 

Wed.: NO SCHOOL/ Proofread, edit, and resubmit Personal Narratives by midnight.

Thurs.: Type out your one page rite of passage research and story.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #2.  Work on Rite of Passage Group Project.


Week of: Oct. 1-4

Tues.: Book Report #2 Approval Form

Wed.: practice for Unit 1: Part 2 test next Thurs. 10/10.

Thurs.: Close Read Guide on a self selected independent learning selection from My Perspectives.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #2 due 11/13.


Week of: 9/23-9/27

Mon.: Finish Book Report #1 due tomorrow.

Tues.: Tone and Mood Handout.

Wed.: Complete p. 60-61 questions at the end of "Hanging Fire" and "Grandfather's House" in your Small Group Learning Teams.

Thurs.: Complete p. 71 questions on "Setting Sun" and "Rolling World." Packets due tomorrow.

     Packets include: p. 42-43 (Working as a Team/ Making a Schedule) and Ques. p.49. 60-61. and 71 on ("Boogaloo," "Be Yourself,"" Hanging Fire," "Grandfather's

      House," "Setting Sun" and "Rolling World").

Fri.:  All work due for Progress Report today.  Start looking for a book for Book Report #2 on Perseverance. We will go to the library next week.


Week of: 9/16-9/20 

Mon.: Complete personal narrative and proofreading checklist (done by a peer or parent). 

Tues.: Submit your narrative no later than midnight along with a photo or attachment of the completed checklist for 5 points extra credit.

Wed.: Make sure to complete "Working as a Team" and "Making a Schedule" with your class team.  (p. 42 & 43) and complete p. 49 ques. on "Electric Boogaloo" 

Thurs.: Complete ques. from "Just Be Yourself" p. 49 for your team packet.

Fri.: Work on Book Report # 1 due next week on 9/24.

Note: Working as a Team, Making a Schedule and questions from Boogaloo, Just be Yourself, Hanging Fire/ Grandfather's House and  Setting Sun/ Rolling World will all be collected as a packet from each member of the team on September 27. 


Week of: 9/9-9/13

Mon.: Handout -Symbolism and Active and Passive voice (Downloadable from my webpage- 2 pages)

Tues.: Complete activities for Unit 1 Voc. Test tomorrow. 9/11)

Wed.: Begin Nonfiction Narrative Performance Task on Google Classroom- Complete Prewriting.

Thurs.: Work on drafting for Nonfiction Narrative due Tues. 9/17.

Fri.: Keep reading for Book Report # 1 due 9/24.


Week of: 9/2- 9/6

Tues.:Begin Unit #1 Practice Activities Voc.on  Email Ms. Harman if you don't have your login info.  Test 1 will be Wed. 9/11.

Wed.: Complete the first half of your Evidence Log (downloadable from my homepage) on "Red Roses." 

Thurs.: Complete  the second half of your Evidence Log on "Medicine Bag."  Evidence Logs due Friday.

Fri.: Read your book for  your first book report due 9/24.  Plan how much you need to read each week by dividing the book into the number of days left between now and 9/20.  This will give you 4 days to do your illustrated poetry project on Google Classroom or as a Print Version Booklet.


Week of: 8/26-8/30

Mon.: Make sure you have a novel about Teamwork of 200 pages or more for Tuesday's Book Check.

Tues.: Complete a Book Report Approval Form.

Wed.: Create a 6 Word Memoir on a Google Slide Presentation.  See Google Classroom for directions and a sample.

Thurs. What's your Back Story? The six word memoir explained. Add your back story on 1-2 additional slides.  Submit your finished project on Google Slides by tomorrow.

Fri.: Read for Book Report #1 due Tues. Sept. 24.


Week 1- 8/21-8/23

1. Have The Harmanian Odyssey signed with parent contact info by Monday. (downloadable)

2. Find a journal you like that you would take pride writing in. A bound book with lined pages or spiral notebook is acceptable. Due Monday.

3. Get a  novel of 200 or more pages that has to do with Teamwork to begin reading for Book Report 1.  We will be going to the school library as a class on Monday as well to help you find a book. (Due Tuesday).