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Mr. Ballmann’s Classroom Management Plan

2018-2019 School Year


Courses: Math/Science (Periods 1-2) and English/Social Studies (Periods 5-6)

Teacher: Mr. Ballmann


Phone: 805-497-7264 ext. 1130

Class Website:


Daily Required Materials

  • Assignment Notebook (used for writing assignments).
  • Spiral Notebook For Each Class (used to take notes).
  • Chapter Book (used to read following completion of assignments or tests)
  • Pencil with eraser (sharpener if needed) and Pen (dark blue or black ink)


Assignment Policy

  • Assignments are written by students into their assignment notebooks daily and may also be viewed at Mr. Ballmann’s teacher website.
  • To receive academic credit, assignments must be turned in on the due date.
  • Assignments may be returned to students to redo if they do not conform to proper procedures and teacher instructions.
  • Students will check Mr. Ballmann’s website for further assignment instructions after getting home from school.
  • Students will check their “Q” account on a regular basis to ensure that they have received academic credit for assignments they have turned in.
  • If a student believes they have turned in an assignment, but it has posted to “Q” as “Missing”, they should check to see if it is located in the classroom “No Name” drawer (they may not have written their name on the assignment by mistake). If it is found in the “No Name” drawer, the student will write their name on the assignment and place it in the regular assignment tray to receive academic credit.

Late Assignment Policy

  • Each student will receive 5Late Passes” each trimester which will allow students to turn in a missing assignment up to one day past the due date.
  • Late assignments without a late pass attached will not be accepted.
  • Students are responsible for turning in all late work with an attached late pass into the classroom “Late With Pass” drawer. The teacher will not ask for it.
  • Lost late passes will not be replaced. Keep them in a safe place.

Grading Policy

  • Homework/Classwork is worth 20% of a student’s academic grade.
  • Quizzes are worth 30% of a student’s academic grade.
  • Tests/Projects/Reports/Essays are worth 50% of a student’s academic grade.
  • Students are to be preparing in advance for upcoming chapter tests. It is each student's responsibility to be studying on a nightly basis the key concepts and ideas in the current chapter so as to be prepared for exams.
  • Tests, quizzes, essays, and other assignments may be given without prior notice.
  • Students with more than 3 missing assignments will receive an N grade (needs improvement) for work habits. More than 7 missing assignments will receive a U grade (unsatisfactory).
  • Students who receive two or more detentions for choosing not to obey class/school rules and teacher directions and instructions will receive an N grade for citizenship.

Absence Policy

  • If a student is absent, extra time will be allotted to make up missing assignments.
  • Assignments are kept posted in the classroom and on my website for viewing by students during or returning from an absence.
  • Students must check with the teacher upon returning from an absence to confirm any assignments or tests they missed and schedule a time for completing the assignments or tests.
  • Students are responsible for turning in all absent work on time into the classroom “absent work” drawer. The teacher will not ask for it.
  • A late pass is not necessary when turning in absent work.
  • Please contact the teacher if your student has any type of long term absence/illness. This will allow the teacher to stay informed of circumstances that might affect the student’s academic progress and completion of assignments. Please make any homework materials requests by email.


Tardy Policy

  • Students are required to be seated at their desk by the time the last bell rings signaling the beginning of class. Students out of the room will be marked tardy.
  • Students that are tardy for period 1 must get a note from the attendance clerk at the school office in order to be admitted to the classroom.
  • If students are having locker trouble or some other problem that may make them tardy to class, they are to first come to the classroom BEFORE the tardy bell rings and tell the teacher about their problem. The teacher will then decide what action should be taken.

Classroom Ready Policy

  • Students will line up outside the classroom along the balcony rail until the teacher opens the door.
  • Students must have their daily required materials and homework in their class binder.
  • Upon entering the classroom, students must come to their desks, get out required materials, copy homework from the board, and then immediately begin the posted opening assignment or activity.




From - To Monday - Friday
9:00 - 9:55 Period 1 - Math 6
10:00 - 10:50 Period 2 - Science 6
10:55 - 11:45 Period 3 - Prep
11:50 - 12:40 Period 4 - Careers 6
1:25 - 2:15 Period 5 - English 6 
2:20 - 3:10  Period 6 - Social Studies 6


How can I contact Mr. Ballmann?
Phone: 805-497-7264 Extension # 1130
Office Hours: Usually between the hours of 8:00-8:45 AM

How much homework will I be assigned?
Generally, about 20-25 minutes per class per night. Sometimes, there may be no homework assigned for one particular class, yet another class may get twice as much. For example,if no science homework is assigned, I may need to use the 20 minutes allotted to science homework to be used for a longer math assignment. Studying for upcoming tests in math, science, English, and social studies should be done on a nightly basis.

Are late assignments accepted?
Late assignments are NOT accepted for academic credit unless accompanied by a late pass. Students will receive 5 late passes at the beginning of each trimester. The late pass may only be used during the trimester for which it was distributed. The late assignment and the late pass may only be turned in ONE day late.

How will I know the assignments I've missed during an absence?
All assignments are posted on this website under either the math or science buttons. Also, assignments are posted on the classroom assignment wall during the week they were assigned.

How do I make up missed tests after an absence?
See the teacher after returning from an absence to determine if you missed a quiz or test that will need to be rescheduled.

How should I prepare for upcoming tests?
Students should set aside a few minutes every evening to review concepts that they are currently studying. For science, students should use their Cornell notes and be able to answer the questions they have written.

How do I keep from being tardy to class?
All students are expected to be IN THEIR SEATS by the time the LAST BELL RINGS. If you are having a problem with opening your locker, come to see me before the tardy bell rings and I will decide what to do about the matter. If another teacher keeps you late after class, ask that teacher for a student pass to bring to my class so that you will not be marked tardy.

What do I do when I enter the classroom?
First, read the opening assignment that is posted on the projector screen as you enter the room. Second, get out any required materials and immediately begin the posted assignment. Students are NOT to be socializing or loitering when they enter the classroom. Binders will always be on the floor. Place your locker key either in your pocket or on your binder so that it will not be a classroom distraction.

Are there extra credit assignments I can do to raise my grade?
NO extra credit assignments will be given as students will be busy enough completing all the required assignments. It is important to complete all assignments and turn them in on time to receive academic credit. Do not fall behind in your classwork as this will negatively affect your grade.