ELD - Common Terminology


The following terms are regularly used in the English Language Development Program:

  • ELD: English Language Development
  • EL: English Learners
  • LEP: Limited English Proficient
  • FEP: Fluent English Proficient
  • IFEP: Initial Fluent English Proficient, when the student is first identified and after taking the Initial CELDT demonstrates English fluency 
  • CELDT: California English Language Development Test
  • Initial CELDT: The test given to the student when he/she is first identified as an EL.
  • Annual CELDT: The test given in the fall once the student is enrolled in the ELD Program and has not achieved reclassification status.
  • RFEP: The student has achieved language fluency and changes from the status of English Learner to the Reclassified Fluent English Proficient designation.
  • RFS: The Special Education student who has been reclassified
  • SDAIE: Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English
  • CLAD (Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development): Certification for a teaching credential that authorizes teachers to work with English Learners


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