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PTSA Budget

  The Redwood PTSA Budget is available to view by request. Please contact PTSA for information.

PTSA General Meeting - May 21st at 4:30pm via ZOOM

Email Nikki Shapiro at for ZOOM Log-in Information. 

We will be voting on next year's board, please join us!

2020-2021 Candidates for Redwood PTSA Board

President: Nikki Shapiro

VP of Ways and Means: Margo Tameris 

VP of Programs: Jen Rush

VP of Membership: Jenny Gemmell

Historian: Lisa Shattuck

Secretary: Tracy Morehead 

Treasurer: Michele Frank 

Auditor: Greg Saltzberg

If you have any questions or interest in a PTSA board position, please contact the following: 

Natalie Bergmann Petersen



PTSA Information and Upcoming Events

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2019-2020 PTSA Board Members

  • President:  Nicole Shapiro
  • Auditor: Michele Frank
  • Fundraising/Ways & Means: Margo Tameris
  • Membership: Jennifer Gemmell
  • Programs: Jen Rush
  • Treasurer: Rick Hore
  • Parliamentarian: Natalie Peterson 
  • Secretary: Tracy Moorhead
  • Historian: Lisa Shattuck


What's the Value of Redwood Volunteerism

  In a school year, Redwood parents donated 7,752 hours of their time, which according to = $208,316

Many hands make light work, and enthusiasm lifts up our teachers and administrators to be the best they can be.  If you’re here volunteering, you’ll see it for yourself!

High support creates a GREAT environment - and isn’t that why we chose this school? There’s something for everyone, no matter your schedule.  It all adds up.  Please volunteer!

Read all the Details in our letter by former PTSA Historian Rhondi Ewing

Great, Easy Ways to Earn Money for Our School!

Select Redwood Middle School as your school of choice on your Red Card. Use RMS ID 30510
Assign Redwood Middle School PTSA, Thousand Oaks as your Charitable Organization

Enroll and RENEW your Ralphs Card online or In-store. Must renew each year!

Many corporate employers match employee donations. Fill out a Matching Fund form from your participating HR Department.

Enroll and Shop Online through the eScrip site. MANY online shops participate! Add redwood Middle School as your charitable org.

Clip and collect box tops, Turn them in to the RMS front office 

Give 'Redwood Middle School' name at checkout. ID 70015765. 5% goes back to our school.

No-Frills Fundraiser


PTSA No Frills Fundraiser
Give 24 seconds to help support your school!

If you’re the kind of person who wants to make a difference at Redwood with maximum ease, then this is the fundraiser for you! You can make a straight donation to the RMS PTSA which will go directly to funding many important programs, projects, and events for our students.

It’s fast. We timed it: It takes 24 seconds to write a check.
It’s for our Students! 100% of donations benefits our students by funding PTSA sponsored programs, events, and purchases.
It’s hassle-free. There’s nothing to sell to your coworkers, friends, in-laws, or the pizza delivery guy.
It’s simple. All it involves is you, your checkbook and a pen. (Or even go Online Via Pay Pal!.)

Please be as generous as possible. Every dollar you contribute makes a difference. Thank you for your support!

Download the No-Frills Flyer  or Donate via Pay Pal ..

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