Please bring these supplies to class every day.

Please replace supplies as needed.

assignment notebook
 college ruled binder paper (8th grade) ; wide or college ruled binder paper (6th grade)
pens: black, blue, red, and DARK color of choice
colored pencils
thin markers
thin black marker
1/16" plastic ruler
handheld pencil sharpener WITH a cup to catch shavings
2 pocket homework folder

glue sticks (to start with--We use this A LOT--replace throughout the year, please)

individual SINGLE SUBJECT spiral notebooks  ( 8 1/2 x11 ) ( Mead 5 STAR is the best ( 8 1/2 x11 ) but any manufacturer will do as long as it is          81/2 x 11.

 8th gradeLabel both  as EDGE English and keep one in locker as a replacement.

6th grade Label one as English and one as social studies





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