What if my child is absent?

Please have your child phone a friend or check the website for posted homework. It is not possible to list everything that occurred in the class to ensure learning. Your child MUST check with me the day he/she returns. I will try to have the homework posted by 5:00, but complications may arise.  In most cases, students will still be expected to take tests the day they return to class.

When is my child's absent work due?

In general, the students will have one day extra for each day missed due to an excused absence to turn in work; this DOES NOT include weekly, on-going assignments such as Reading Log or Article of the Week. For example, if a student is absent the day before these weekly assignments are due, he/she is still expected to turn the assignments in on the original due date. If a student is absent for an extended time, I will meet with the student to establish new due dates. ALWAYS CHECK WITH ME FOR NEW DUE DATES, EVEN IF THE STUDENT HAS BEEN ABSENT ONE DAY. If the absent work is not turned in by the new deadline, it will receive a zero.

If my child has a missing assignment, what happens next?


This gradual release of responsibility system is designed to help the students develop self-discipline and responsibility.

Trimester 1

Students may turn in up to 6 late assignments total, between English and social studies, only ONE day late with the pass attached for full credit (graded as it would have been if turned in on time). 

After more than 1 day late, the students have up to 5 days (including weekends) to turn the assignment in for 50% credit.  After the one week deadline, the assignment will receive a zero.  This 50% policy will continue for all three trimesters.

Trimester 2

The second trimester, students may turn in up to 3 late assignments total, between English and social studies only ONE day late, with the pass attached, for full credit (graded as it would have been if turned in on time).

Trimester 3

The third trimester, there are no late assignments accepted for full credit. 


We do not accept late homework and/or class assignments. Formative assessments turned in one day late will require the student to complete an additional assignment. Formative assessments late more than one day will not be accepted. 

What is the 6th Grade Reading Log?

The Reading Log is an on-going, weekly assignment. Students must read an independent reading book for at least 20 minutes a day for 5 days each week.  I require a parent/guardian signature for verification of extra credit reading.  The students must also answer 3 questions each week based upon the book read for the week. Logs are passed out on a Tuesday and collected on the following Tuesday. Students who are absent on a Tuesday can download the assignment from my website. All directions for the log are written on the log.

Can my child receive extra help?

If a student has a question or needs occasional reteaching, the student may make an appointment to meet with me AFTER school. 

How can I know my child's grade?

Official progress reports will be available on "Q" at the midpoint of each trimester. If you wish to see your child's grade between those times, please check the "Q" grade section of the website. Ask the counseling office for a parent access code. I update grades about once a week, usually by the following Monday.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an online platform where I can assign and assess student work. When asked to do so, students can also turn in their work through Google Classroom.  Students sign-in with their Learn account and password. I have a link to Google Classroom on the left side of my web page. 

Does my child have homework every night?

The students have homework consistently Monday-Thursday. Occasionally, homework will be assigned on a Friday. The average student should spend about an hour to an hour and a half of on-task time finishing homework assigned in all classes. If your child spends less time than that, have them read for the remainder of the time. Reading AT LEAST 20 minutes a night is not included in the time for written homework.

What type of homework will my child have?

Homework consists primarily of unfinished class work. Studying for tests and reading must also be completed for homework. 

How will I see my child's graded work?

I will return graded work to the students on a weekly basis. It is their responsibility to give it to you, but a gentle reminder from you would not hurt. In addition, most tests will be kept in the classroom and only the corrected answer sheet will be sent home. Students will have the opportunity to go over the test and ask me questions.

What is the Article of the Week?

8th Grade: In order to improve background knowledge and to practice reading informational texts, students will receive an article to read every week. Students need to read, annotate, and complete the writing activities associated with the article. Article of the Week (AOW) will be are passed out on a Tuesday and collected on the following Tuesday. Students who are absent on a Tuesday can download the assignment from my website. 

6th grade: I will start assigning this assignment beginning approximately in Mid-Oct.

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