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Wednesday 4/1

English: Read 2 chapters in Ulysses: "Circe"and "Ino's Veil". See Google Classroom for responses

Social Studies:Famous Greek People chart (due 4/9) See Google Classroom for document and instructions

 English 3/30 The assignment is below, but all work needs to be turned in to Google Classroom. 

Due today: Read "Cattle of the Sun" ans send me a note in Google Classroom telling me your favorite part. By Wednesday, you'll need to tell me which option you are going to do.Read below for instructions.

Read "Cattle of the Sun" pages 53-58. You can read on your own, with your family, out loud to your pet, or you can set up a Zoom meeting with friends and read it together.  This is to be done today. If you do not have your book I have o copy downloaded. It is not exactly the same, but tells the same story. Use it only if you have no other choice.
We will read "Calypso" on Wednesday on 4/1, both "Ino's Veil" and Nausicaa" on Monday 4/6 and "The Return" on Wednesday 4/8. I will remind you each Monday and Wednesday. After every chapter, you need to type me a quick note in Google Classroom that tells me your favorite part of the chapter.

For the rest of the book you have options of the type of assignment to do . Like I promised, we will NOT have an end-of-book test.
 Pick one option. Which ever you do, it will all be due by April 9. Again, you only need to pick one option. 

Option 1: Continue making a summary page and picture for each chapter (cut a piece of ordinary computer paper in 1/2. If you don't have blank white paper, you can use notebook paper or type the summary in Google classroom). I have all of the other completed pages. We will put them all together at some point in the future. 

Option 2: Make a big project that fits the story. There are MANY choices. You can build a model of Ulysses ship. You can act out and video a scene from one of the chapters (but please don't get together with others to do this- family is okay).  You can make a model of any scene in the book (think diorama). You can make a board game that includes the adventures from the book. Basically, think about what you are good at and turn it into a project that fits the story...use paper, clay wood, cloth, video...BE CREATIVE! You will need to show pictures or a video of your finished project. I may set up a Zoom meeting to show off these projects.

Option 3: Answer the questions below. You must use complete sentences and turn them into Google classroom (click "Turn in" not share). 

Cattle of the Sun
1. Ulysses tried to leave the island, but what kept him there?
2. How long did the wind howl?
3. What happened, after the men lied to Ulysses about the cattle being stags, that should have made Ulysses realize that they were really the sun titan's cattle?
4. How many men died when Zeus and the sun titan came for vengeance?
5. What did Ulysses do when his boat burned up so he wouldn't drown?
6. Explain everything that happened to Ulysses after his boat burned.

Rewrite these 5 sentences in the order they happened in the book:

Poseidon turned Ulysses' crew into stone.
Nausicaa had a dream telling her to wash her clothes.
Naussica played the lyre and sang of heroes.
Euryalus challenged Ulysses to throw a discus.
Ulysses departed on a new ship with a new crew.

Answer the questions from Nausicca using complete sentences.
1. Ulysses didn't want to tell his name. What finally made him tell it?
2. What did Ulysses want to throw instead of the discus?
3. Why did the king want to get rid of Ulysses?
4. What did Ulysses ask the king for?
5. Who helped by drugging Ulysses?
6. What job did Nausicca do after Ulysses left?

End of book questions:

1. What is the name of Ulysses' kingdom?
2. How does Ino help Ulysses?
3. How long does Calypso keep Ulysses on her island?
4. Nausicaa was singing and Ulysses started crying. What was the song she was singing about when he cried?
5. What disguise does Ulysses use when he returns home?
6. Tell about what happened with Ulysses' dog.
7. How did Penelope delay having to pick a new husband?
8.  What was the challenge Penelope gave her suitors?
9.  What specific event caused Ulysses to go wild with rage?


Social Studies 3/30 The assignment is listed here but needs to be turned in to Google Classroom

Due today, Definitions for 11 content vocabulary words. Read below for instructions.

We are going to read parts of chapter 8 over the next several weeks. The main goal is to learn about different famous Greek people. 

The TCI topic in this Google classroom about Alexander the Great is for a different time - just ignore it for now and do all work out of the regular book.
Today, define all content vocabulary words chapter 8, sections 1 and 2 (there are 7 CONTENT vocabulary words on page 376 and 4 words on page 392= 11 words total). 
First, be sure you define CONTENT vocabulary. 
You do not need to use Cornell-style or put these definitions in your spiral. You are to go to Google classroom (see below for instructions on using Google Classroom) and write the word followed by a dash or equal sign, then write the glossary definition for each word. 
If you forgot, the glossary is pages 562-568 in the book.
That is all for today. Be sure you turn it in when you are done. 
Wednesday we will have a new assignment, so be sure to check back in Wednesday.

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