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  Ms. Martinez's Extra Credit Policy

All students will be offered the opportunity to do extra credit once a trimester in both English and social studies. The assignment will be offered in the last weeks of each trimester and is generally worth approximately 50 points.  I will explain the assignment in class, but the work will be done at home. Students typically have 1 week to do the extra credit. I do not accept any late extra credit assignments. When the offer is explained to the class, I will hand out an instruction sheet and post the extra credit timeline on my homework and calendar on my Redwood website.  Extra credit will not be given to individual students; all students will receive the same opportunities.

When extra credit is scored, there will be a separate entry for it in Q. Students who do not do the extra credit will have a blank space. This blank space does not hurt anyone's grade; it is simply not part of the average unless done. There is no way extra credit can lower anyone's grade.



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