Health Information

Health Office
Students who become ill during the day should ask for a pass from the classroom teacher and report to the health office. Except in emergency situations, students should not go to the health office during passing periods without first reporting to the next period teacher to ask for a pass. A health clerk is on duty and/or the district nurse assigned to Redwood is available for consultation. All prescription drugs and/or over the counter medicines to be administered at school must be brought to the health office and left with a written statement from the doctor, as well as a note of authorization from a parent.

Crutches, Slings and Casts
All students who need to come to school with a cast, sling or crutches must have a doctors’ note on file in Health office along with the duration that the students will be using any of these items. Students will be unable to attend class with the aids until such doctors’ note is on file.

Authorization for Medications

Required for administration of prescribed and over the counter medications

District Medication Form