Student Council

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The Student Council program at Lang Ranch enables students in grades 3-5 to learn leadership skills through philanthropic work that benefits both the school community and greater Thousand Oaks community as a whole. We strive to create independent, creative leaders making a difference in the world. 


First Term Meetings

All Meetings in Room 14 at 12:30

September 28       

SC Officers Meeting

 October 5       

Monthly Meeting (all members attend)

 October 26  

Term 1 Member Meeting

 November 2  

Monthly Meeting (all members attend)

 November 16
Term 1 Member Meeting

 November 30

Term 1 Member Meeting

 December 7
 Monthly Meeting (all members attend)

 December 14  

Term 1 Member Meeting

 January 11  

Monthly Meeting (all members attend)

 January 18  

Term 1 Member Meeting

 January 25    
LAST Term 1 Member Meeting

First Term Student Council Officers

President: Lucy

Vice President: Stephanie

Sergeant at Arms: Ethan

Secretary: Ayushi


First Term Class Representatives

Ackmann: Presley and Sammi

Sendejas: Mylie and Lily

Young: Gabby and Hayven

Gallis: Nathan and Morgan

Barnett: Ella and Inika

Cain: Tori and Christopher

Carroll: Ella and Callie

MacDonald: Emma and Leila

Bradshaw: Frannie and Lincoln

Atkins: Kai and Ford

Hargrave: Daniella and Jayden

Lynch: Addi and Jules

Tracy: Grace and Taisei

Pep Rally and Spirit Days


 October 26 Pep Rally Whiteout/Blackout 
 November 30 Pep Rally Disney Day
December 21 Pajama Day *No Pep Rally
January 25 Pep Rally Decade Day
February 22  Pep Rally Crazy Hair Day
March 29 Pep Rally College Day
April 26 Pep Rally Beach Day
May 31  Pep Rally Western Day


Representative Buddy Lists

Atkins (3) and Speidel (K)

 Lynch (3) and Barnhart (K)      

Hargrave (3) and Bechthold (K)

Tracy (3) and Martin (K)

Bradshaw (3) and Hall (1)

MacDonald (4) and Sweet (1)

Cain (4) and Cano (1)

Carroll (4) and Mareno (1)

Ackmann (5) and Ortiz (K)

Barnett (4/5) and Virgen (2)

Young (5) and Vlerick (2)

Ackmann (5) and Gifford (2)

Gallis (5) and Alexander (2)

Sendejas (5) and McElvaney (2)


Presentations will take place at 1:00 after the Monthly Meeting (the first Friday of the month)

Second Term Student Council Officers

President: Anya

Vice President: Colton

Sergeant at Arms: Devon

Secretary: Chloe  

Second Term Class Representatives

Ackmann: Olivia and Taylor

Sendejas: Bella and Claire

Young: Aaron and Charlotte

Gallis: Jocund and Juliana

Barnett: Ella and Inika

Cain: Presley and Abigail

Carroll: Ryder and Zoe

MacDonald: Alyssa and Vince

Bradshaw: Kairi and Tyler

Atkins: Chloe and Livvie

Hargrave: Shelby and Hayden

Lynch: Dhiya and Gavin

Tracy: Krish and Jeremy

Second Term Meetings

All Meetings in Room 14 at 12:30

February 1 Monthly Meeting (all members attend)
February 22 Term Member Meeting
March 1 Monthly Meeting (all members attend)
March 15 Term 2 Member Meeting
March 29 Term 2 Member Meeting
April 5  Monthly Meeting (all members attend)
April 26 Term 2 Member Meeting
 May 3  Monthly Meeting (all members attend)
 May 17 Term 2 Member Meeting
May 31 End of Year Celebration: Both terms invited


4th and 5th grade class reps/officers attend EVERY meeting