Lang Ranch Elementary

These special programs are very important to our Lang Ranch community. Whether you like chorus, band, strings, student council, KLRN, MakerSpace, or the Journal Club, they are all important to us. Your notice of these programs support us very much. The reason these are important are because they build a skill that you will be thankful for. Your interests and hobbies let you see what new things come into mind, as you see our special programs, each having it's own personality. Think of it this way: When you sign up for a program, you build a brick. Each time someone else registers or signs up, you build one brick. After a few people built their bricks, you end up with a wall. This wall represents the program. Each brick represents the person who signs up for the program. You support our programs by signing up for our Lang Ranch activities. you might have been interested in one program, then go ahead and sign up! You will be thankful to see what the skill builds. Keep building the bricks!