LCMS Student Tipline

LCMS Student TipLine provides a safe and secure method for students to report wrong doings and illegal activity such as drug/tobacco possession and/or use, bullying/harassment, damage/vandalism, fighting and theft. These reports help administrators and counselors become more aware of incidents happening in our school and make LCMS a safer place for everyone. Students text information (no blocked cell numbers or anonymous email addresses are allowed) to and describe the situation including “who, what, when, where and witnesses.” Reports are only received by school administrators and counselors and are reviewed within two school days. Students will receive a confirmation message and administration will determine the appropriate course of action.

Los Cerritos Middle School

2100 E. Avenida de las Flores
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
(805) 492-3538
(805) 493-8854 Fax
(805) 492-1869 Counseling Fax