Parking Instructions


  • Students should not be on campus more than 10-15 minutes before the beginning of their first class.
  • After 8:30, students must use the volleyball court gate south of P9 to enter campus.
  • Music students with large instruments may enter the red hall front doors and proceed to the lunch area.
  • Students report to the lunch area to enter the building before school.
  • Vons requires that students who enter their store before or after school do so after leaving backpacks outside.


  • Parents should not drop students off or pick them up in the shopping center parking lot. Our students are more vulnerable to a larger group of drivers whose mindset does not include adolescents popping out from among cars.


  • Parents can drop students off and pick them up at varied locations around the campus: farther west on Flores, farther south on Erbes, etc. Walking a bit of a distance is good for all of us!
  • Consider picking your student up at 3:20 or 3:25 when congestion has cleared.
  • Parents could have regular chats with their children about car safety, parking lot safety, courtesy to shops, businesses and neighbors.
  • The parking lot that belongs to Parks and Rec is open in the afternoon for parents picking up students

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