Counseling Philosophy


The philosophy of Los Cerritos Middle School is to offer students a variety of opportunities through support and services that will assist each student to develop personal, social, and educational skills and to develop positive goals for the future. The counseling office is student-centered, based on the principle that we exist to empower students to take advantage of every opportunity for personal and academic growth.

Program Goals

The counseling office provides assistance so that each student will:

  • Achieve a strong self-concept and a healthy self-respect.
  • Build healthy interpersonal relations and behave responsibly in school, in the family and in the community.
  • Develop motivation to learn and accept the responsibility for his/her own achievements and behaviors.
  • Experience educational and social growth that will lead to success in middle school and beyond.

Roles and Responsibilities of Counselors

The responsibility of the counselors is to focus on individual student needs and to guide the student in making appropriate decisions. In addition to this, the counselors provide the following services:

  • Review academic progress.
  • Register students into appropriate classes.
  • Interpret test data.
  • Maintain academic records.
  • Coordinate and facilitate parent conferences when difficulties go beyond a single teacher.
  • Stimulate career awareness.
  • Plan programs that support student growth. Programs vary from year to year.
  • Assist with classroom and school problems.
  • Provide career information.
  • Offer parents and students informational brochures and other support materials.

The counselors will provide the following guidance as appropriate:

  • Assistance in decision-making.
  • Assistance in functioning productively within the school and the family.
  • Assistance in clarifying personal goals.
  • Assistance to the students in making appropriate behavioral changes.
  • Referral of the student with special needs to appropriate programs or agencies.
  • Counselor lead Peer Support Groups as needed year to year.