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May 21

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Welcome to the Los Cerritos Choral
Music Department



Unanimous Superiors at SCVA

April 8, 2014 9:00AM
Adjudicators:  Mary Rago and Dr Wyant Morton
Both choirs scored:  9.89.
Click here to listen to the Judges Comments:

 A period                              5th period

Welcome to the Los Cerritos Middle School Choral Music Department~

Who says Music doesn't change lives?  We not only beileve this...but we can SHOW you how music has changed our lives...every day from 8:00am - 2:00pm.  Stop by and we will make a believer out of your too!


What people are saying about the latest LCMS Choir Concerts:

· I was completely unprepared for the caliber of the performance that the sixth graders put on.  I was floored.  All of the kids were so well trained that I cannot compliment them enough.  And then the last two songs blew the lid off. The icing on the cake was that as disciplined as they were as performers, every student I saw looked like they were thoroughly enjoying what they were doing.

· OMG OMG OMG!!!!  Fabulous show!!  Both Show/BelCanto and Mixed absolutely wonderful!  I truly, truly enjoyed myself and my mom loved loved, loved it!

· Thank you for what we heard and saw. It gave me endorphins galore!

I hope to have the chance to sit through another of the choir’s splendid shows.  It energized me.

· Wonderful show tonight.  Loved every minute. Seeing so much animation in my child!  Very thankful and proud mom tonight. 
But—don’t take our word for it—see for yourself: 
Bel Canto/Show Choir: 
6th Grade Concert: 




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