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Saturday, July 30, 2016

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School Policy

Parents are starting to bring food to celebrate their child's special day. Unfortunately, this action puts the school staff in a difficult predicament of saying no, after parents have informed their children of the treat, or staff then have to disregard the school policy.   
As a school and district, we stand by our pledge to offer healthy choices to students as well as maintaining valuable instructional minutes in the classroom.  With that being said, we want to celebrate each child's special birthday while maximizing instructional time. Additionally, many families have requested that we monitor the food coloring, sugar, gluten, tree nuts and other allergens in the foods that we pass out at school. Please understand that keeping track of food allergies and individual dietary specifications can prove to be a daunting task. So this year, EARTHS has moved to having non-food item birthdays. We will honor your child and if you choose to send a non-food item, we will distribute it.

Thank you again for your help and support in keeping Earths a strong, healthy, academic-minded place to strive and flourish.

In the news...


ON A PATH TO WELLNESS—Nicole Jourdan, left, and Adonna Ebrahimi, chairs of the PTA wellness committee for EARTHS Magnet School; Michael Ridge, principal of Lang Ranch Elementary School; Tameka Payne, director of the Community Health Initiative for the American Cancer Society; and Jennifer Boone, Principal of EARTHS Magnet School, at a GOLD Award ceremony sponsored by the American Cancer Society. EARTHS and Lang Ranch received GOLD awards for their school wellness programs, which promote healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco-free lifestyles.


Ladder Exercises



Spa Water





Helmet Laws!


Car Seat

PTA Wellness Committee

The goal of this committee is to model a healthy environment where children learn positive lifestyle and
dietary practices leading to habits that will carry throughout their lifetime. Wellness, good nutrition and 
regular physical activity are vital components of the total learning environment.

Food Labels

Food labels are an important part of helping kids learn ( and parents too!)  to make healthy choices. They provide basic information about the nutrition inside foods so that children can begin to see how foods are different.  Click
HERE for more info on efforts to expand labeling and HERE to learn how to read a label.
Head Lice Info

Click HERE for information from CA Department of Public Health.

Click HERE for information from CAPTA.

About Whooping Cough

Pertussis is also known as whooping cough and is widespread in the state. Whooping cough starts out like a common cold, and is often followed within days by severe coughing spells. Young babies may not cough and show other observable symptoms. Pertussis may be milder in older children and adults.
School children with whooping cough must stay home from school until the doctor releases them to return, usually for at least five days of antibiotic treatment. If you have questions about Pertussis, please contact your doctor.
These website will have more information: 

5th Grade PE

The 5th Grade students far exceeded expectations and district standards in the following areas: aerobic capacity, abdominal strength, trunk extension strength, upper body strength and flexibility.  Our body mass index could use some improvement.  We will continue to promote healthy eating and just know, between running club and PE, our children are working had to strengthen their bodies while improving their minds.

My Plate

Healthy eating starts
with healthy reading!

Research tells us that proper nutrition in childhood can reinforce lifelong eating habits that contribute to a student's overall well being.  At EARTHS, we are piloting some healthy new options for children and would like to enlist your assistance in determining if some of our new menu items are not only appealing, but fit into your families eating plan.

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