The Environmental Academy for Research Technology of EARTH Sciences (EARThS) is dedicated to helping students acquire the tools of inquiry and expression by delving deeply into subjects with a cross-curricular approach, using earth sciences and technology as a unifying theme for exploration.

New CVUSD Parent Volunteer Requirements

Mandatory protocols are now in place across our entire school district for the safety and protection of our students. Parents who work directly with students in the classroom for less than 10 hours per month must turn in a copy of their driver's license or other State ID and the following three forms to the Front Office (click on each to access the form):

  1. Volunteer Registration Form (forma en Espanol)
  2. Volunteer Code of Conduct (forma en Espanol)


If you plan on volunteering in the classroom for 10 hours per month or more, Live Scan fingerprinting is also required with a specific form. Please see the link below for the Live Scan Form.

1. Live Scan Service Form

TB Volunteer Testing

TB Volunteer Letterhead - English

TB Volunteer Letterhead - Spanish

State law and District policy requires that all school district volunteers have evidence of freedom from tuberculosis on file. Most of the TB tests are good for 2 to 4 years.

If you are new to our school, please provide the school office with a signed Volunteer TB Letter. It is required for all volunteers and needs to be updated every 4 years. All parents need to submit the Confidentiality Agreement each year. These forms will also be available at Back To School Night.

A reminder to returning EARTHS parent volunteers: If you had a TB test 2 - 4 years ago, it may have expired. Please check your records and update your TB tests if needed.