Life Science Lab


Did you know these animals are in our Life Science Lab?
Two bearded dragons, a desert tortoise, a southwestern pond turtle, a Chilean rose tarantula, a native tarantula, two eyelash crested geckos, a box tortoise, crickets, meal worms, a long tailed lizard, a red crayfish, some tetra glass fish, aquatic snails, some goldfish, some guppies, a hermit crab, red eared sliders, two bala sharks, and a yellow tailed catfish...

Featured Animals

Fluffy, the Chilean rose tarantula, has been living in the lab since 2011.

Spike, the desert tortoise, is approximately 4 years old. He was donated in September of 2013 by Scott and Kayla Wirtz.

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Directions for Feeding Scheudle

Thank you for volunteering to feed the animals in the Exploration Center!

Please look at the Event Calendar below and choose an open day that you can feed. 
Email Michelle Runnels with the day and time you are available and she will update the Events Calendar.