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Cypress Elementary School
4200 Kimber Drive, Newbury Park, CA
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   ~ Field Trip—1st Gr.

2    ~ PTA Meeting 8:15-9:15 (MPR)


13   ~ School resumes

17   ~ “Orange & Black” Spirit Day

      ~  Cub Assembly/   Student Awards/4th Grade Sings  8:20-8:45

       ~ Field Trip-Kindergarten

       ~ Field Trip-4th Gr.

20   ~ CST—Science Test 5th Gr.

22   ~ Field Trip—5th Gr.

       ~ SSC Meeting 2:45-3:45 (Library)

24   ~ Jog a Thon 8:30—12:00


27   ~ Field Trip—Rm 11

      ~ Field Trip-2nd Grade  

29   ~ Parent Art Masters Training 9:00—11:00 (MPR)

      ~ Restaurant Night - Cronies 



Parent Survey Results

 2014 Cypress
 Parent Survey Results

2014 Cypress Parent Survey Results

Cypress Elementary

~Jog-a-thon Information~

We have some exciting news about our upcoming Jog- a -Thon which will be held on Friday April 24th. The purpose of the Jog- a-Thon is to raise money to support our PE Program.Our goal is to earn $20,000!  Please ask family and friends to donate money to our cause! 

And if you liked the prizes last year, wait until you see the prizes this year!

All participants will get a cool Cypress Jog-a-Thon water bottle during the race and an Otter Pop after the race!

·         For a $25.00 donation students win A Smencil = a fun scented pencil!

·         For a $100 donation students win a free recess with bouncy houses! Just ask 4 people for a $20 donation and you’ll have the best extra recess EVER!

·         For a $150 donation students win a free homework pass to use this year or next year!

·         For a $250 donation students get to turn Dr. Willebrands into a HUMAN BURRITO! Yes, you read it right….students will squirt our very own Dr. Willebrands with salsa, sour cream, guacamole and nacho cheese in front of the whole school! You DON’T want to miss this!!

Ø  The highest individual earner will earn a special lunch with the principal!

Ø  The second highest individual earner will win a $50 gift card from MB2!

Ø  The third highest individual earner will win a $50 gift card from Michael’s Bicycles!

So, don’t forget to fill up your Jog-a-Thon envelope with donations so you can win great prizes like these while supporting our terrific PE Program.  Remember, these prizes are inclusive, so if you get $150 worth of donations you earn the water bottle, Otter Pop, Smencil, free recess with bouncy houses AND the homework pass! Wow! Thank you for your support!

~The Carnival is May 15th and we need your help. Please sign up for the Cypress Carnival (http://vols.pt/tufqef) on @VolunteerSpot today! Every classroom will need three volunteers. Thank you!

~PTA Portrait Fundraiser

Don't miss this opportunity on May 2nd and 3rd for a family portrait taken at the Stagecoach Museum. Please go to the following for more information: 

~Our First Cypress Science Fair is coming!  Please see the flyer section for the registration and all the details. Also, see  cypress-sciencefair.weebly.com .

~All District Strings Festival~

You are invited to an evening of music on Tuesday, April 28th at 7:00 PM at the Kavli Theater. Students in elementary through high school will be participating.

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