Classroom Highlights

  • Constant use of our high level microscopes throughout the year
  • Cell Model Project in November
  • Dissections of Sheep/Cow Eye, Crayfish and Frog in May and June

Mr. Burns Class

For any information about grades and homework, please see Zangle for my daily postings of homework and for current grades.

When you are absent, be sure to check on Zangle for what you may have missed or talk to a friend because you should have 2 phone numbers of trusted friends and if worse comes to worse, talk to a friend before you get to class that day...then you can ask me for a handout etc...but it is extremely helpful if you have know what happened because at the start of class or during the 5 minute break is not a good time to say "Mr. Burns, What i miss yesterday?" or "What did we do?"

I appreciate so much when a student comes and says something like, " I know we read some of the chapter and took some notes, can i get the sheet you gave them?"

Be sure to have your assignment notebook in class each day and to write down the homework off the board onto your daily calendar for science.

DO NOT LOSE YOUR WORKBOOK!!!! They cost $10.00 to replace...I would recommend keeping it as part of your 3 ring binder...if you can find a way to have it 3 hole punched, that would be sweet.

If and when you miss a video or a lab on any given day...there will be a day i will post in the classroom about when to make up the video and/or lab. With labs, you can also come in on most lunch periods...but YOU MUST PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH ME AND LET ME KNOW!!!!

About Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns came to Colina in 1998 and has been coaching Cross Country and Track and Field at Westlake High School since that time. His wife, Michele, is also a teacher and coach at Buena High School in Ventura. He has 2 kids, a daughter named Jalen and a son named Gavin. In addition to his enthusiasm for running and fitness, Mr. Burns is a huge Dodger, Laker and Steeler fan , not to mention overall sports fan, and loves to play golf, the beach, and his family and friends!