About Ms. Harmon

Hello!  I teach Adapted Physical Education.  I am at Colina daily for periods 1, 2 and 3.  After my classes at Colina I teach Adapted PE at Maple and Sycamore Elementary school.  The best way to communicate with me is through email or written note.  I hold a bachelors and a masters degree in Physical Education. I have a PE and Specialist Adapted PE credential as well as a supplemental credential in science. I have also taught science, social studies, student government and skills for adolescents at Colina. I enjoy various lifetime sports such as running,walking, hiking, mountain biking, rowing crew, pilates and both water and snow skiing. I enjoy hiking and walking with my dog.   I have two children, both in college. 

My hope is that my students will develop a love of movement.  A love that may include individual/team competitive sports or recreational activities that they can participate in throughout their lifetime.  I hope they will learn the importance and health benefits of daily exercise and fitness and incorporate it into their lives.  My classes will focus on skill development, physical fitness and positive social interactions.  My motto is gain skills, get fit and have fun!  Let's get moving!