Math Rocks!

Pi Day


Math Department Policies

  • All work is to be done in pencil. Erasable ink is not acceptable.
  • Students need to write the given problem as their first step, unless the problem is a word problem.
  • Support work for problems with more than one step must be shown.
  • The answers to most odd-numbered problems are in the back of the book and should be corrected at home

Teachers will provide a supply list to students during the first week of class. Generally, students will need the following supplies:

  • A spiral notebook for taking notes in class
  • Loose leaf binder paper and a binder for keeping their work organized
  • Graph paper (quarter inch squares)
  • A red pen for correcting homework
  • A highlighter pen
  • Several sharpened pencils and a sharpener
  • Scientific Calculator for 7th and 8th grade (preferably one with a “two line display”)
  • Ruler with centimeter and inch scale

Additional supplies may include a protractor, compass, and other items as directed by your teacher.

The district requires that students in honors math classes maintain a grade of a B or better to remain in honors math.