Class News

Lab donations are $60 for Adv. Wood students and $25 for Expl. Wood students who plan to take home their consumable woodshop projects.

Sept. 18th Thursday Adv. Wood Field Trip to Millwork Inc.

Bus donation $5 and permission slips for students going to this event.

Parents reminder about Back-to-School Nite at Colina Sept. 18th

March 2nd Arts @ Colina Spaghetti Dinner

Showcase the arts at Colina

About Mr. Kozlowski

Welcome Colina Parents; my name is Mr. Stephen Kozlowski III, woodworking teacher. My woodworking experience is very extensive from general construction, home remodeling, fine carpentry to new home construction. Colina Middle School's elective are the best in town. We offer a great variety of electives for our students. I offer basic woodworking knowledge to Careers 6th and 7th graders and a Advance Woodworking to 8th graders. The Advance Woodworking class introduces to Home Construction, cabinetry and some engineering task. These classes are hands-on task oriented with assign projects and own student's projects. My mission in woodworking is to generate positive thinking, creative skills and friendly atmosphere of learning. All these assign projects are to develop skill ability and practical usage. We ensure that woodworking students will have a great learning experience and a safe environment.

Colina’s woodshop needs your help. Due to overuse and wear on the woodshop equipment/tools, requires such items be replaced. In order to preserve the woodshop, I’m initiating the Golden Oaks Club. The Club will be looking for donations to ensure an everlasting program with quality tools and quantity sufficient for all current and future students.

I’m hoping that you can make a commitment to the woodshops Golden Oaks Club. If you donate, a letter will send for tax purposes. Also, your name will be added to a Golden Oaks Club plaque.