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Important 2016-2017 Events

March 14-  Minimum Day

March 16-  Spring Pictures and 8th grade Panoramic

March 17-  C.O.T.Y. Wear Green!

March 17-  Tri 2 Report Cards carried home

March 22-  Washington D.C. Trip Meeting

March 28-  School Site Council

April 3-  Rabbit Run Relay

April 10-14  Spring Break

May 1 - May 19  CAASPP Testing

May 1-  Block Schedule 1,3,5

May 2-  Block Schedule 2,4,6

May 3-  Block Schedule 1,3,5

May 4-  Block Schedule 2,4,6

May 5-  Regular Schedule

May 8-  Block Schedule 1,3,5

May 9-  Minimum Day

May 10-  Block Schedule 2,4,6

May 11-  Block Schedule 1,3,5

May 12-  Block Schedule 2,4,6

May 15-  Block Schedule 1,3,5

May 16-  Block Schedule 2,4,6

May 17-  Block Schedule 1,3,5

May 18-  Block Schedule 2,4,6



Brainfuse Free Tutoring

The Thousand Oaks Library offers free Tutoring to 3rd-12th grade students. Click here to find out more about BrainFuse and other homework help. See full size image

The CA School Dashboard aims to synthesize and make accessible a wealth of state and local data to help schools achieve better outcomes for California's students. - Read More


504 Coordinator: Mike Niemczyk
Title IX Coordinator: Shane Frank


Colina Connections

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sending more messages through email and app, and fewer through phone calls.

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Principal's Welcome

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Colina Middle School--home of the Cougars! Our entire staff is committed to academic excellence, as well as the social enrichment and emotional support of all of our students... every student can be a successful learner. I truly believe that teachers, students, and parents must work together and become the pathway for those educational experiences.
~ Shane Frank, Principal

8th Grade Yearbook Dedications

8th grade parents:  If you are interesting in having a dedication for your 8th grade student in this year's yearbook, the time has arrived! Dedications cost $100 (quarter of a page) and all messages and pictures are due by Friday March 24th. There are only 40 spots available and they are issued on a first come first serve basis.  Turn in a check made out to Colina Middle School (Yearbook Dedication) to the front office as soon as possible to reserve your spot.  Please see the flyer below for additional instructions!  

Renaissance Criteria

To qualify for Renaissance activities and privileges, students must meet the following criteria:

Recipients have earned all A’s and E’s/S’s in citizenship and work habits.

Silver Card: Recipients have earned all A’s and B’s, and E’s/S’s in citizenship and work habits.

Bronze Card: Recipients have earned all A’s, B’s, C’s and E’s/S’s in citizenship and work habits, or recipients have shown a .5 GPA improvement from trimester grading period to trimester grading period, to the 2.0 level or above.

A mark of an “N” or “U” in citizenship or work habits disqualifies a student from earning a Renaissance Card for a specified grading period.