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Psychology Unit Test

The following topics are included on the tests but not limited to the following:

Unit 1 – Review key terms, different perspectives of Psychology, observational studies v. experiments, correlation, causation, hidden variables

Unit 2 – Review key terms, central nervous systems, autonomic nervous systems, peripheral nervous systems, parts of the brain, gland functions, transduction, sensation v. perception, the different receptors

Unit 3 – Review key terms, processing theory of memory, theory of latent content, activation-synthesis theory, information-processing theory, introspection

Unit 4 – Review key terms, dimensions of development, continuity, Erikson's stages of development, Piaget's steps of development, Kohlberg’s three levels of development

Unit 5 - Review key terms, elements contributing to friendship, Zick Rubin’s theory, Elaine Hatfield’s theory, Sternberg’s triangular theory

Unit 6 – Review key terms, adaption-level principle, relative deprivation theory, Maslow's hierarchy

Unit 7- Different perspectives of psychology, Nature v. Nature, memory, dimensions & themes of development, situational & personal attribution, Schachter-Singer theory of emotion, consciousness, peripheral & central nervous systems