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Psychology Unit Test

The following topics are included on the tests but not limited to the following:

Unit 1 – Review key terms, different perspectives of Psychology, observational studies v. experiments, correlation, causation, hidden variables

Unit 2 – Review key terms, central nervous systems, autonomic nervous systems, peripheral nervous systems, parts of the brain, gland functions, transduction, sensation v. perception, the different receptors

Unit 3 – Review key terms, processing theory of memory, theory of latent content, activation-synthesis theory, information-processing theory, introspection

Unit 4 – Review key terms, dimensions of development, continuity, Erikson's stages of development, Piaget's steps of development, Kohlberg’s three levels of development

Unit 5 - Review key terms, elements contributing to friendship, Zick Rubin’s theory, Elaine Hatfield’s theory, Sternberg’s triangular theory

Unit 6 – Review key terms, adaption-level principle, relative deprivation theory, Maslow's hierarchy

Unit 7- Different perspectives of psychology, Nature v. Nature, memory, dimensions & themes of development, situational & personal attribution, Schachter-Singer theory of emotion, consciousness, peripheral & central nervous systems

Ronald Reagan Library Situation Room

Century Academy has the amazing opportunity to return to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library to participate in the Situation Room Experience on Friday, November 8th.

Here is a little information regarding the experience. Each student will be given an important role to play in one of the following categories: President George Washington’s cabinet, a U.S. Senator, a newspaper publisher, or an ambassador from Great Britain or France in this real-life scenario based in historical facts. Students must work together to decide policy in real time with real in-game consequences based on their decisions. Not only will this be a fun experience but an educational one as they will learn the inner-workings of our government and how the media gets some of their information. If you participated last year your role will be entirely different as “Washington’s Cabinet” is a brand new simulation.

This is a graded course project for seniors enrolled in U.S. Government thus it is a requirement. For juniors it is an optional experience that will take the place of a pre-determined unit teacher scored test (TST). The number of juniors who will be able to attend will be based on how many spots we have available. The list of juniors who want to participate will be compiled on a first come, first serve basis so please contact me as soon as possible.

Students will be given their specific roles in about two weeks. They will need to read the documents they receive pertaining to their role so they can play their part to the best of their ability. In addition, I will be sending them a slide presentation and some additional documents they will need to review in order to understand different elements of the room and the time period. Students are also encouraged to dress formally but semi-casual is okay too.  

There is no cost to you for the bus, the Situation Room experience, or for the Reagan Library tour. Once we are done with the simulation we will be able to walk around the library for about two hours to experience their wonderful exhibits and Air Force One. This will be a very memorable trip for all students and I am very excited we have this opportunity again.

There are some forms that need to be returned as soon as possible to allow your child to participate in the course project. I have already received your CVUSD Field Trip/Excursion Authorization Form but I forgot to have you sign the other forms at our Back to School Night. The Situation Room Participation Approval Form and the Photography Release Form are attached to this email. Please have your son or daughter return these forms to Mr. Ryan no later than Monday, October 28th.

The date of the course project is Friday, November 8, 2019. Students will meet at Century Academy at 8:15 am so we can review the presentation and documents. We will depart shortly thereafter on a bus. Students are not allowed to drive themselves or to be dropped off at the Reagan Library. The Situation Room will last approximately three hours at which point we will have access to the Reagan Library for approximately two hours. Students are encouraged to bring a bagged lunch but they can purchase food from the library café. We will collect the lunches in the morning to be distributed back to the students after the Situation Room. Please make sure that the bags are labeled with your son or daughter’s name. We will return to Century Academy no later than 2:30 pm.

A flyer will be handed out at an upcoming advisory appointment as another reminder of the field trip. I need to compile a list of students that will be able to attend as soon as possible so I can start to distribute roles. My goal is to hand out role sheets the week of October 28th which will give students nearly two weeks to prepare. Thus, please email me back or have your child let me know that they will be attending. My email address is oryan@conejousd.org. I am looking forward to an amazing experience at the Reagan Library and I hope the students are as well.

Photography Form