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Need to borrow a Calculator??
If you're in need of a calculator, then you can stop by J-2 and check one out for a test or to use for the day. They are scientific calculators, but can be more helpful than using a phone sometimes. I encourage you use them for tests since you're not allowed to have phones during tests.

Math Tutoring Times:

Math tutoring is offered 4 days each week in Room N or J-2. PLEASE take advantage of our free tutoring sessions!! It's first come first serve, and can really help if you're stuck on that one quiz or not understanding a particular unit/lesson.

Mondays: Mr. Gillette, Room J-2, 1 - 2 PM

Tuesdays: Mrs. Alexander, Room J-2, 10 - 11 AM

Thursdays: Mrs. Alexander & Mr. Gillette, Room J-2, 10 - 11 AM

Fridays: Mr. Gillette, Room J-2 or K, 11 -12 PM 

Keep in mind the different locations of rooms. Hope to see you there!

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