Our Second Grade Teachers

Room 9
Mrs. Sundstrom

Room 10
Mr. Walker

Room 12
Mrs. Kneller

Room C
Mrs. Blanco Goodcase

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Second Grade




Second grade is a place where our children are guided and nutured to be life long learners. We look forward to meeting your child's social, emotional, and academic needs.

Language Arts: We use the Open Court series for our language arts curriculum. Open Court reading is a research-based curriculum grounded in systematic, explicit instruction of:

  • phonemic awareness, phonics, and word knowledge
  • comprehension skills and strategies

Throughout second grade we will be focusing on increasing fluency with reading and writing more complex text. The program creates a literature-rich environment that instills a passion for literature and the written word.

In addition to Open Court, we use the Step Up to Writing program. This is a structured program that focuses on making the writing process simple and easy to remember. Students will become familiar with the 3 main steps in writing by relating them to colors--green, yellow, and red. This process also helps students learn to independently write a clear eight sentence paragraph.

Math: In our Everyday Math program, students will learn a variety of ways to solve math problems and use critical thinking skills through the use of math manipulatives. Everyday Math is distinguished by its focus on real-life problem solving, balanced between whole-class and self-directed learning with an emphasis on communication.

Science: Students will also explore hands-on projects through the FOSS Science program. Our science units focus on Pebbles, Sand & Silt, Balance and Motion, and Plants and Insects.

Social Studies: Students use the Scott Foresman curriculum and will be focusing this year on "People Who Make a Diference."

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