Library Class Visitation Schedule 2018-2019

Mrs. AlianoTuesday8:45-9:15
Mrs. BarrettTuesday12:30-1:00
Mrs. BirgWednesday1:30-2:00
Mrs. BrownWednesday1:00-1:30
Mrs. Button/Mrs. FarhitMonday12:30-1:00
Mrs. ByingtonWednesday12:30-1:00
Mrs. FisherWednesday12:00-12:30
Mrs. HernandezMonday1:30-2:00
Mrs. KnellerTuesday2:00-2:30
Mrs. LarimerMonday11:30-12:00
Mrs. MillerThursday12:00-12:30
Mrs. PintoMonday12:00-12:30
Mrs. PolingTuesday12:00-12:30
Mr. StelleMonday1:00-1:30
Mrs. SundstromTuesday1:30-2:00
Mr. WalkerThursday1:30-2:00
Mrs. WildermuthThursday12:30-1:00


Welcome to the Aspen School Library where students enjoy a wide selection of books, magazines, and reference materials. As language and reading are important components of our students' education, weekly classroom visits to the library are helpful in these areas. Grades TK - 3 class visits are for 30 minutes and Gr. 4 & 5 class visits are for 40 minutes. The first half of the visits may include reading stories, book talks, introducing authors, illustrators, and reading programs, or learning library skills. Emphases on library skills vary according to grade levels.

The goal at Aspen Elementary Library is that as students move up through the grade levels they become independent users of school and public libraries. During the second half of the visits students look for and check out books, use the reference materials, ask the librarian for individual assistance, and quietly read.

Parent Volunteers play an important part in making the library experience all it can be. We have parent volunteers who check in and reshelf returning books before class visits begin each morning. There are also parent volunteers who help with classroom visits by checking out books to the students. If you are interested in volunteering in the library, please contact Mrs. Mierop.

The library is open during some lunch recesses and after school Monday through Thursday until 3:00 p.m. so that students can come in to exchange library books, return overdue items, work on homework, or just browse the shelves.

The library is a very special place on our campus. Please feel free to stop by the library when classes are not in session and take a look!

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