Aspen is proud to have dedicated parent volunteers that serve in numerous events throughout the school that sponsor and/or aid in providing our students all these wonderful programs.  These programs typically do not cost money, nor are meant to be fundraisers - just extra things we like to provide our children!  To help keep these programs available to Roadrunners, please consider volunteering or donating today

Aspen is lucky to have the support of the Hillcrest Center of Performing Arts programs for elementary students right here on campus!  For a small fee, your student can experience musical instruments through band or strings or express their inner selves in song through the chorus program- all of which are offered here on campus either before or after school (sometimes during lunch) and for once or twice a week.  If you would like more info, please visit the Hillcrest Arts website via the below links.





Welcome To Art Masters!


Here at Aspen we have been privileged to have the PFA and school staff enthusiastically support the arts. Art Masters is our PFA funded program designed to introduce various works by such masters as Van Gogh, Remington, and O'Keeffe to kids from Kindergarten to the 8th grade. The program is a professionally designed interactive curriculum to teach the children about different artistic styles and concepts.


Our Aspen Art Masters program is a fully purchased program now in its 10th year at our school. The full year of a session covers 6 different artists, one per month, and we have 6 yearly rotating sessions, for all six years your child is at Aspen. This covers a total of 36 different masters that the kids are exposed to. The only costs to run the program at this point includes the art specialist who presents the 6 seminars to the students throughout the school year and the monthly preparation of the class materials and media. If we have any talented art enthusiasts in our school, we encourage you to contact the main office to get in touch with the correct staff member.


Our children, in all classes, grades K through 5, have experienced the great art masters through a 40 minute class presented in the MPR. Even our tiniest Roadrunners in our Transitional Kindergarten have been able to do at least one drawing session. Art terms such as tone, perspective, media, wash, and learning about how the brain works during art creation are also a part of the learning process. This year’s session includes: Remington, Matisse, O’Keefe, Cassatt, and early Chinese and Japanese Brush Painting and Block-Printing.


The Meet the Masters experience begins with a multi-media assembly (slides, artist voices, music, etc.) presented by our Art Specialist, Mrs. Holly Saari. The students learn about the fascinating lives and famous works of the Master Artists. Interactive questions and eye-catching props keep the students’ attention while walking through a virtual museum filled with interesting stories and facts.


After learning the inspiration and techniques of each Master the children now have a true connection to the artist and it is time to introduce the techniques that made their art revolutionary. Back in the classroom they work on a teacher guided packet, which will be the paper to pencil means for your student to “Learn from the Masters”.


Then the real fun starts. Your child’s classroom is transformed into an art studio filled with music, and our well-supplied teachers lead the protégés on a step-by-step journey through the art project. Often in the same medium as the Master, the students will discover their creativity while developing confidence in their own unique abilities.


It has always been amazing to see what the kids create from these sessions and every time I have assisted in a class, it reconfirms the quality and influence of this program for our kids. I can’t explain the joy on their faces as they hold up and share their masterpieces and are so proud of what they have created.


At the end of the year every child will have an art piece of their choice on display at the annual Art Fair during Open House in the MPR. This is a beautiful representation of the total Art Masters program. It is quite impressive. The Art Fair is also open Friday morning for the Open House train where every student comes through the MPR and sees all of the artwork on display.


We have again been supported by Aspen parents Tim and Suzanne Holland, owners of The Frame House here in Thousand Oaks, in assisting in a payback program of sales of frames for artwork the night of the show. For every high quality frame sold for $30 each, our school will receive $10 back! Cash, check and credit card will be accepted.


As always I hope you all will continue to support this program with your time and or donations to the PFA. It is well worth it. An Art Fair will be held at Open House and anyone who would like to help please don’t hesitate to contact Bonnie Marshall!


Don’t forget to ask you children about the program and how they feel about it. Let them give you a tour of the Art Fair at Open House and share their excitement in showing you their work.


Holly Saari, Art Specialist,


Bonnie Marshall, Art Specialist,

Eco Action Team is BACK!

Calling all previous members and any new students in 3rd-5th grade that want to make a “green” difference and join in the fun! The Aspen Eco Team will be having its first meeting: TBD. Please bring your lunch, a friend, and get ready to help our School, our Community and our Planet!  

PARENTS please let your kids know about the meeting and also WE NEED HELP TO LEAD THESE GROUPS OF STUDENTS!  

Please contact Tina Minero if you can help!

Please contact Susan Fujimoto ( for more information. 

Also, visit the official OOTM website and the Los Angeles regional website

October 23 through October 31, 2017

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