School Supplies

The cost should not exceed $25.

These supplies will help support students during the year.  California law guarantees students a public education free of charge, and all materials, supplies, and equipment necessary for this class will be provided without charge.  We may ask for donations of materials and supplies for our classroom, but all donations are strictly voluntary.  However, parent support in this regard allows our school budgets to be used for additional instructional materials.  We have also found that students often take better care of materials when they have been brought from home. Please contact the Principal of our school if you have any questions or concerns about school supplies and/or student fees.

*This is a voluntary donation and should not exceed $25.00*

Transitional Kindergarten

Download list here

• Easy to open Tote bag/medium size - 15x15in.or larger (like you get from the supermarket), (no backpacks please).**

The following items will be shared class supplies:

 2 Reams of White Copy Paper

Elmer’s Glue (4 oz.)  (no blue gel glue – white only)

1 Pack of Crayola-Twistables

1 Pack of Colored Pencils (not Twistables)

Pack of Stickers

Washable Watercolor Paint Set (8 or 16)

Glue Sticks

White Board Markers – thin size in black

**Please put your child's name on his/her tote bag, jacket, & lunch boxes 



Download list here

We suggest that children bring a backpack that zips up. Please label it. Remember that the backpack needs to be big enough to hold an 11x14 envelope, a lunchbox or lunch sack, and a sweatshirt/sweater. 

The following items will be shared class supplies:

Two packages of Classic Crayola Twistable Crayons – CLASSIC colors (8 or 10 pack only, please no larger sized packs)

Crayola Classic Washable Markers (8 pack, CLASSIC colors)

2 Bottles of Elmer’s White Glue

6 Glue Sticks

2 Sharpie Permanent Markers (fine point)

 1 Package or Roll of Stickers (appropriate for school: seasonal, animals, stars, smiley faces, etc...)

2 Reams of Copy Paper (white or assorted colors)


First Grade

Download list here 

1 hard plastic Pencil Box 8x5x2 (no zippers)

1 box of 24 Crayola crayons (no more than 24)

1 package Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils (NOT crayons, 12 pack or larger)

6 Glue Sticks

4 (or more) Thin Dry Erase Markers (any color)

1 Pair Pointed Child-Sized Fiskars Brand Scissors

1 Ream of White Copy Paper

1 Ream of Colored Copy Paper




Second Grade

 Download list here

Pencils #2, at least twelve (replaced as needed)

Crayons - small pack, no more than 24 (Twistables preferred)

Glue Sticks

One small Pencil Box (no more than 4 inches tall)

2 Twin Bottom Pocket Folders with your child’s name written on the inside (no notebooks/binders please)

Black Dry Erase Markers (chisel point - at least 2)

2 Red Ball Point Pens

Scissors (your child may want their own pair)



Third Grade

 Download list here

1 box #2 Pencils (bring at least three to school and replace as needed)

2 Red Pens and 2 Light Blue Pens for corrections

3 Highlighters (Pink, Yellow, & Green)

Plastic Supply Box to hold the above items. The box should measure 3" x 5" x 8" maximum

2 Jumbo book Covers (please do not use sticky paper covers or any tape as they ruin textbooks)

1 Ream White 8 1/2" x 11" Copy Paper

Black Dry Erase Markers

Package of Baby Wipes



Fourth Grade

Download list here

BINDER:  durable 3-ring, 2” rings


GLUE STICKS: at least 2


PAPER:  white notebook filler paper

PENCIL POUCH:  zipper type for 3-holed binder

SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS:  2, with different colored covers

COLORED PENCILS:  one box set

BOOK COVERS:  optional fabric preferred or paper.  Choose carefully, as our textbooks are large!

PENCIL BOX:  Plastic box, approximately 8” x 5” is best

PENCILS:  at least 12


ERASERS:  red or white rubber erasers only (no pencil top erasers, please)

DRY ERASE MARKERS:  2 or more markers for individual white boards

DRY MARKER ERASER:  (or old dark-colored sock)



Fifth Grade

Download list here

1 SMALL Pencil Pouch or Box

2 pkgs. Lined 3-Hole Wide Ruled Paper (1 package for personal binder, 1 for classroom)

2” Binder

1 Set of 5 Tab Dividers

6 Pocket Folders

1 Box of Pencils (bring 2 pencils to school)

3 Highlighters (pink, yellow, green)

2 Correcting Pens (blue, black, or green)

2 Pkgs. 3 x 5 Lined Index Cards (bring 1 to school)

1 Ream White 8½ x 11 Copy Paper (class donation)

4 Low Odor Whiteboard Markers (2 for personal use, 2 for classroom use)

3 70-Page Spiral Notebooks

3 Fabric XL Book Socks - or Brown Paper Bag Book Covers

Whiteboard Eraser or Old Sock



SDC TK-1st Grade

Download list here

Three Vinyl Folders with Two Pockets Each (one folder must be purple)

Twistable Crayons (pack of 8)

Dry Erase Markers

Pack of Glue Sticks

1 Bottle of Glue

Ream of White Copy Paper



 SDC 2nd/3rd Grade

Download list here

PAPER:  1 ream of white copy paper


CRAYONS: preferably twistable crayons

MARKERS:  one pack

COLORED PENCILS:  preferably twistable colored pencils

GLUE STICKS: 4 glue sticks


ERASERS:  4 rubber erasers

DRY ERASE MARKERS:  2 Dry Erase markers



SDC 4th/5th Grade

 Download list here

PAPER:  1 Ream of white copy paper

3-RING Binder: 1" to 2" (any color)

SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS:  2 or more (any color)

CRAYONS: preferably Twistable crayons (any quantity)

MARKERS:  one pack (any quantity)

COLORED PENCILS:  one box set (any quantity)

GLUE STICKS: 4 or more glue sticks

PENCILS:  12 or more (Ticonderoga preferred)

ERASERS:  4 rubber erasers and/or package of pencil top erasers

DRY ERASE MARKERS:  2 or more Dry Erase markers (any color/size)

DRY ERASE ERASER or an unneeded sock

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