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Communication with the teaching staff as well as the support staff will help to ensure a positive and successful year for all of us.  We hope that the list below is a helpful resource for you.

Aspen's office is open 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.  You can always call or send an email.  If you choose to send an email, it would be helpful to put CVUSD in the first part of the subject line to help reduce the chance of the email going into a "junk mail" folder. Thank you!

Phone: (805) 495-2810
Attendance: (805) 495-3130
Fax: (805) 374-1157

For contact in regards to:

504 Coordinator - Mae Tietjen

School Counselor - Lorena Martinez

School Psychologist -  Rebecca Panman

Title IX Coordinator - Mae Tietjen

Map to School

Office Staff

Mae TietjenPrincipalmtietjen@conejousd.orgX107
Stacey CoombeOffice Managerscoombe@conejousd.orgX100
Mary Liz SaviniIntermediate Clerkmsavini@conejousd.orgX104
Tami CostiganNursetcostigan@conejousd.orgX105

Teaching Staff

NameSorted By Name In Ascending OrderTitleEmailExtension
Aliano, WendyTeacher - TK/K/1st Grade (SAI)waliano@conejousd.orgx205
Barrett, DianeTeacher - 3rd Gradedbarrett@conejousd.orgx221
Birg, SamanthaTeacher - 4th Gradesbirg@conejousd.orgx216
Blanco, LindaTeacher - 2nd/3rd (SAI)lblanco@conejousd.orgx120
Brown, LoriTeacher - 4th Gradeloribrown@conejousd.orgx215
Button, ChristyTeacher - 1st Gradecbutton@conejousd.orgx201
Byington, KathiTeacher - 3rd Gradekbyington@conejousd.orgx220
Farhit, TammyTeacher - 1st Gradetfarhit@conejousd.orgx201
Fisher, JenniferTeacher - Transitional Kindergartenjfisher@conejousd.orgx206
Hernandez, CarmenTeacher - 5th gradechernandez@conejousd.orgx208
Kneller, EmilyTeacher - 2nd Gradeekneller@conejousd.orgx212
Larimer, ShealaTeacher - 4th/5th Grade (SAI)slarimer@conejousd.orgx207
Manley, DonnaLearning Centerdmanley@conejousd.orgx219
Miller, SueTeacher - Kindergartensmiller@conejousd.orgx223
Pinto, BrasiliaTeacher - 1st Gradebpinto@conejousd.orgX202
Poling, ColleenTeacher - Kindergartencpoling@conejousd.orgx224
Stelle, GregTeacher - 5th Gradegstelle@conejousd.orgx211
Sundstrom, SueTeacher - 1st/2nd Gradessundstrom@conejousd.orgx209
Van Voy,
Walker, BrantTeacher - 2nd and 3rd Gradebwalker@conejousd.orgx210
Wildermuth, LauraTeacher - Transitional Kindergartenlwildermuth@conejousd.orgx203

Support Staff

Child Care aspencc@conejousd.orgx200
Wahl-Linnemeier, MaggieSite Techmwlinnemeier@conejousd.orgx116
Mimi ArevaloCafeteria Managermarevalo@conejousd.orgx117
Mierop, KerrieIMT/Librariankmierop@conejousd.orgx114
Abukhzam, NadineDance Teachernabukhzam@conejousd.orgx218
Halvorsen, CarrieComputer Lab Specialistchalvorsen@conejousd.orgx217
Friedman, AlisonArt 
Schwanauer, LeahastarPE 

Aspen Elementary School

1870 Oberlin Ave.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Phone: (805) 495-2810
Attendance: (805) 495-3130
Fax: (805) 374-1157

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm