What is the Conejo Valley Learning Center?

The vision for the Conejo Valley Learning Center began in 2005. The original goal was to build a new, state-of-the-art facility to act as a singular campus for multiple programs, which most recently includes CVUSD’s Conejo Valley High School, Century Academy and future Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. Due to a variety of reasons, including increased construction cost and potential soil mitigation to meet 2014 Building Code upgrades alternative options were considered. Based on the key objectives listed below, the District's Waverly Campus located at 1025 Old Farm Road in Thousand Oaks was selected as the best option to house the Conejo Valley Learning Center.

Key Objectives During CVLC Evaluation Process:

  • Do what is best overall for all students, staff, and the community
  • Be good stewards of taxpayers’ monies – fiscally responsible
  • Implement Measure I program, as planned
  • Use Conejo Valley Unified School District resources most efficiently and effectively

Finding a Home for CVLC:

  • Developed common understanding of program vision by evaluating program needs and working with key program leaders
  • Studied current and projected enrollments
  • Assessed use of existing campuses
  • Evaluated expansion of existing campuses
  • Considered new construction with reduction of scope
  • Investigated purchase of existing commercial buildings

CVLC Implementation Plan - December 2016

Staff Update to the Board of Education

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CVLC Ad Hoc Committee

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CVLC Ad Hoc Committee

Final Report

Who We Are

Conejo Valley Unified School District
Conejo Valley Unified School District is a choice destination for education. CVUSD was established July 1, 1974. Currently serving over 19,000 students with 16 elementary, 1 K-8, 4 middle, 3 comprehensive high, and 2 alternative high schools, CVUSD also offers preschool, early child care, transitional kindergarten, and other academic alternatives like Adult Education opportunities. The CVUSD schools and programs involved in the CVLC plan include:

Century Academy
Century Academy is a prestigious and personalized hybrid school that mixes periodic face-to-face instruction with online learning. The students at Century Academy are actors, equestrians, musicians, world-class athletes training for competitions, artists, interns, or others for whom the traditional high school setting is not conducive to their interests. Graduates attend Berkeley, Princeton and other recognized, prestigious universities. Century Academy served 90 students during the 2015-2016 school year. Staff includes 4.5 on-site teachers.

Conejo Valley High School
Conejo Valley High School was established as an alternative/continuation school by CVUSD in 1974. The school population is composed of students from Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks and Westlake High Schools. The school’s mission is to engage students in a safe and secure learning environment which emphasizes real world application, collaboration, innovation, self-direction, digital literacy, healthy living, social responsibility and global awareness. CVHS served 182 students during the 2015-2016 school year.

Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs
Future Career Technical Education programs give high school students access to specialized programs focused on an industry and/or service sector that they are passionate about. Building and construction trades, liberal arts and human service, media and entertainment, health science along with food service and hospitality are just some of the areas these students explore in the CTE programs via specialized coursework, including the option for college credit, mentorships and internships.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When will CVLC related relocations take place?

Summer of 2017 is the target date.

Who are the students that attend Conejo Valley High School?

There are many reasons why students decide to attend Conejo Valley High School. They may be credit deficient because they are grappling with personal illness, family tragedy, academic difficulties, homelessness or other personal struggles. As soon as those students arrive at CVHS they are integrated into a caring and supportive community that makes them feel valued, builds their confidence and helps them find renewed hope for their futures. Students attending CVHS earn a high school diploma and must meet the same graduation requirements of students at the district’s traditional high schools. CVHS’s students participate in a variety of programs including Career and Technical Education, Social Awareness/Volunteerism, Peer Mentorship and courses offered on campus through Moorpark College where they earn dual credit. CVHS students also participate in extracurricular activities including an Interact Club, Chess Club, Yearbook, Leadership and Intramural Sports.

How many students are enrolled at Conejo Valley High School?

During the 2015-2016 school year Conejo Valley High School served 182 unduplicated, district students. Many of those students who are not presently enrolled have returned to a traditional high school or have fulfilled graduation requirements.


How much Measure I bond money is available for the CVLC move to the Waverly Campus, including the potential relocation of Adult Education programs?  

Waverly Measure I Allocation: $ 2.6 million in Measure I earmarked funding

Horizon Hills: $ 2.6 million in earmarked Measure I funding

Conejo Valley High School Measure I Allocation: $ 2 million in Measure I earmarked funding

Century Academy: $ 1 million in earmarked Measure I funding

What will the Measure I bond money be used for at each site?

Specific use of funds would be determined after condition assessments and the specific needs of the learning programs at each site are evaluated. Per the Ballot Proposition, funds may be used for adapting classrooms for STEM and modern instruction; repair and replace HVAC, plumbing, roofing, lighting, and electrical; modernize classrooms and replace aging portables; repair restrooms; update fire safety systems, update security systems, including lighting, fencing, gates, door locks, alarms and security cameras on all school campuses; update handicapped accessibility; and abate hazardous materials, such as asbestos.


What is CVUSD currently paying to lease the facility at Kelley Road for Conejo Valley High School?

CVUSD leases Conejo Valley High School's facility on Kelley Road for $25,143 per month for an annual total of $301,716. The District has the option to extend the Kelley Road lease for CVHS through February 2018. Beginning March 1, 2018 the Kelley Road lease would increase to $31,429 per month.  

Property Sales & Purchases

Why doesn't CVUSD purchase the Rolling Hills property for the relocation of Conejo Valley High School?

A preliminary rough estimate for the acquisition and development of the Rolling Oaks property to adequately meet the needs of the CVLC is in excess of $11million. This estimate revealed it could take a minimum of three years to complete the Code compliance and rehabilitation process of the site. Public school construction in California has to comply with set rules and Code requirements enforced by an overseeing State agency, the Division of State Architect (DSA). In addition to the high cost and undesirable time frame for project completion, CVUSD would also need the City to allow for the property to be rezoned from a “Rural-Exclusive” (R-E) to an “Institutional” (P-L), a process that could add six months to the total project timeline. Additionally, public transportation is located no closer than .5 miles away, which would cause a great barrier to the CVHS students that rely on public transportation to get to school.

Why was Pinecrest not considered for the relocation of Conejo Valley High School?

CVUSD’s purchase of Pinecrest is not fiscally feasible as the asking price well exceeds the appraised value according to the district’s real estate agent. Additionally, significant funds would have to be used to renovate spaces to accommodate high school programs, and the site does not allow expansion for CTE programs.

CVLC May 3 Presentation

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Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

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