Congratulations to Madrona Elementary School’s Laurie White, CVUSD's May Teacher of the Month!

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Congratulations to Madrona Elementary School's Laurie White, CVUSD's May Teacher of the Month! The Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Conejo Valley Unified School District are pleased to honor Ms. White, who has been teaching at Madrona for 20 years.   

Congratulations to Sequoia Middle School's Shari Bachman - CVUSD's Teacher of the Month!

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Congratulations to Sequoia Middle School's Shari Bachman, CVUSD's March Teacher of the Month! Ms. Bachman has worked for the district for 23.5 years, serving all those years at Sequoia Middle School where she teaches art. She serves our students with a creative repertoire of projects, and ensures that the needs of all students are met at each level. Her unique lessons spark and engage students, allowing them to showcase their work through contests, share their passions, and express themselves through their artistic endeavors. 

CVUSD Spotlight for March: Educators, Staff & Students Highlighted by YOU

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At the start of this month we launched an online submission form where you can share information with us about a CVUSD educator, administrator, staff member, student, student group, club, team or community partnership that has made a special impact on you or your student. It’s called “Shine a Spotlight,” and we are proud to share some of the submissions we have received this month...

Westlake High's LaunchX Club Transforms Students into Entrepreneurs

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Developing a business to find a solution to a need or problem is at the core of LaunchX – Westlake High School’s entrepreneurship club for students. At the start of this school year five Westlake High freshman - Charles, Angela, Bethany, Joshua and Charisse - teamed up through LaunchX to create a business together. After a bit of trial and error with different concepts the group of five students landed on Collegae.