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Congratulations to Madrona Elementary, Salsa Challenge Winner

Cafeteria Manager’s special family recipe wins award

The District’s Child Nutrition Department loves serving CVUSD’s students local, fresh fare. When the opportunity arose to compete in the Center for Ecoliteracy’s California Thursdays Salsa Challenge, both Madrona Elementary and Newbury Park High School decided to compete.

Madrona Elementary’s Cafeteria Manager, Lori Nava served up her very own salsa recipe that has been in her family for 50 years.

Newbury Park High School’s Kitchen Manager, Debi Welsh dished out a fresh corn and tomato salsa for students to enjoy.

Both schools then took photos of students enjoying their salsas and shared them on social media networks, Facebook and Twitter, with the hashtag #CaliforniaThursdaySalsaChallenge. Each photo included a short caption explaining what’s so special about the salsa, thus enrolling them in the #CaliforniaThursdaySalsaChallenge competition.

Salsa challenge prizes were awarded to schools with the best picture and those with the most social media likes.

The photos of Lori’s salsa from Madrona Elementary was one of the top three photos statewide to receive the most likes, earning her $250 worth of California Thursdays/California Food for California Kids promotional items.


students with salsa

Lori Nava, Madrona Elementary Cafeteria Manager showcases her salsa

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