Glenwood Elementary Hosts 5th Grade Manners Feast on May 31
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Glenwood Elementary Hosts 5th Grade Manners Feast on May 31

Glenwood Elementary 5th Grade Manners Feast was held on May 31, 2019.  Lunch was prepared by CVUSD Child Nutrition Services to honor the Glenwood 5th graders in the culminating activity for the manners class.

This day was made possible by volunteers, including retired Banyan Elementary teacher Mrs. Kellogg, who taught the course on manners to 5th grade students over the course of three months. This is Glenwood Elementary's 10th year of implementing this fun program on social etiquette. 

The lunch began with a "toast" to celebrate those in the room that made this special day happen, from Mrs. Kellogg, to Principal Vina to all the parents and volunteers serving food and coordinating the day's efforts! Members of the Board of Education were also on hand for the festivities.

The lunch commenced with a starter salad, followed by the main course--grilled chicken with julienned carrots and brown rice, served with a side of sauce.  Lunch was followed by dessert--vanilla ice-cream, mixed seasonal berries and a cookie crisp. Students had the opportunity to practice their excellent table manners, while seated at this end of year "formal" lunch.

A HUGE thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Kellogg for all their hard work in making this event such a special memory for all the graduating 5th graders; to the parents, staff and volunteers who decorated the multipurpose room and served the special guests with such attention to detail; to CVUSD Child Nutrition Services for all their hard work; and to Mrs. Vina, Principal of Glenwood Elementary as the day's gracious host. A BIG congratulations to all the 5th graders who went through the manners course and are graduating in 2019!

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