Three CVUSD Educators Honored for Innovation in the Classroom
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Three CVUSD Educators Honored for Innovation in the Classroom

Sixteen teachers from throughout Ventura County were recently honored with $16,000 in grants for developing innovative lessons for their students, including three CVUSD educators: Christa Lamb and Kari White of Colina Middle School and Melissa Wood-Glusac of Thousand Oaks High School. The grants are funded by local businesses and organizations that wish to promote unique and creative teaching practices. 

At a special awards ceremony dinner on Tuesday, May 24th in Camarillo, the Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE) presented 11 IMPACT II grants to 16 teachers from schools throughout Ventura County, including our three CVUSD educator recipients. 

The winning entries cover a variety of subject matters, including history, language arts and social sciences. Detailed lesson plans prepared by each of the grant winners are available at this link for use by other teachers in Ventura County and beyond. According to VCOE, the purpose of IMPACT II is to spread excellent teaching ideas throughout our county. 



Title of Lesson Plan:


Christa Lamb
Kari White

Colina Middle School (CVUSD)

Seeds of Success

STS Education

Kari White

Colina Middle School (CVUSD)

Sing Your Song


Christa Lamb

Colina Middle School (CVUSD)

Step to Tomorrow

STS Education and SAGE Corwin Publications

Melissa Wood-Glusac

Thousand Oaks High School (CVUSD)

Greek Myth in the Real World

SAGE Corwin Publications

More About IMPACT II:
 IMPACT II puts cutting edge classroom projects into the mainstream, turning students on to learning. IMPACT II enables excellent teaching ideas to reach all teachers in the county, and raises community awareness of exemplary classroom practices. IMPACT II boosts teacher morale by recognizing innovative teaching. Additional information about IMPACT II is available here.

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