A Message Regarding School Bus Driver Shortage
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A Message Regarding School Bus Driver Shortage

There is a current nationwide shortage of school bus drivers and the CVUSD has been making every effort to handle its transportation needs. 

The CVUSD does not own nor operate its own bus fleet.  The District contracts for services with American Transportation Systems and other affiliates. 

Like many of our neighboring districts, our transportation provider is struggling to hire and retain drivers, even though offering one of the highest starting salaries in the area at $27/hour as well as other incentives. Recently, the CVUSD attempted to secure busing for several events and after reaching out to over 40 organizations and service providers, we were unable to fulfill the entire request. 

The District is working with American Transportation, their affiliates, and alternative transportation providers to help secure transportation services.  We ask for your patience and understanding during this challenging time affecting school district across the nation.  If you or a friend are interested in obtaining a bus license and driving a school bus, please contact Leslie at 805-500-8512 or email driverjobs@busamerican.com.
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