Congratulations to CVUSD's 2020-2021 Classified Employee Outstanding Achievement Awardees

Congratulations to CVUSD's 2020-2021 Classified Employee Outstanding Achievement Awardees

The Conejo Valley Unified School District is proud to recognize the following Classified Employees for their outstanding contributions above and beyond their call of duty. These dedicated individuals make an invaluable impact on their respective school campuses. They are problem-solvers, and take initiative to ensure their daily actions support and positively impact their colleagues, along with the students and families the District proudly serves. These recognitions come as a follow-up to Classified School Employee Week, which the District celebrated from May 16-22, 2021. Each awardee was nominated for this special recognition by a colleague(s). Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Classified Employee Outstanding Achievement Awardees:

Steve Davy - Custodian, Ladera STARS Academy
Steve is the “behind the scenes magician”, he is not just excellent at his job, but he has a high level of integrity, pride and care that goes into how he works. He possesses a “can do” attitude, as a verb not an adjective. Steve always has a kind word for everyone on campus, from the littlest ones to the adults. He is often way ahead of everyone when considering what needs to be done to prepare for an event, to ensure compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, or just to make sure the school looks great every morning when the students arrive. He is the definition of outstanding.

Kimberly Zamorano - Campus Safety Assistant, Colina Middle School
Kimberly is a tremendous asset to Colina Middle School. During this past year, Kimberly continually stepped up to provide students and staff with a safe learning environment. Working with site administrators, she worked tirelessly to assist with the many material distribution days and the numerous picture days. Kimberly is hard working, kind and consistent. Students view her as a source of support and guidance while on camps. She is well-respected by fellow colleagues and staff. As a former student in CVUSD and Colina, she truly embodies “The Conejo Way” as well as our own school motto, “Work Hard, Make Friends, Have Fun!” 

Allie Hansen - Child Nutrition Manager, Sycamore Canyon School
Allie has been the kitchen manager at Sycamore since the school opening, overseeing meal preparation for both a large elementary campus as well as a middle school campus. The dual meal prep takes a special individual to get the job done and lead a team of staff to do so every day. Allie has a calm demeanor and is able to deal with stressful situations, which happen regularly at our campus. No matter what the issue is, no gas for the ovens, no food delivery, short staffed, student account out of money, you name it, she handles it!!! Allie conquered the largest hurdle over the past year when she led her team and kept forging on to make sure our community had the necessary food daily. Allie makes personal connections every day and is a valuable member of the Sycamore team.  

Angela Hughes - Child Care Leader, Wonder Preschool
Angela is a wonderful teacher who is caring, compassionate and excellent at her job. She expertly develops relationships with students and parents, and inspires her colleagues to continually grow to be the best they can be. This past year, she guided the Wonder team to make it a positive one for students, including adjustment of the curriculum to adapt to the children’s development and emotional needs. Angela is always thoughtful planning her curriculum and how it can impact a student’s life. Wonder Preschool has thrived the last four years thanks to Angela. She has made a profound impact on the school's staff and families. 

Michelle Jenks - Human Resources Technician, CVUSD Operational Center
Michelle’s position is difficult in any year, but in a pandemic year with co-cohorts, remote and in-person assignments, the coordination required has been above and beyond.  Michelle persevered through her tenacity, patience and hard work and was critical to our District’s success this year. She was innovative in coming up with creative, flexible solutions to get teacher leaves and vacancies covered. Michelle is patient, willing to repeat things over and over, and is genuinely concerned for our teachers and students. She has brought a level of professionalism to her job that is greatly appreciated. 

Laura Hamiter - Licensed Nurse, Redwood Middle School
Laura has been instrumental in supporting the Redwood school site and students during this difficult year. During the transition to on-campus instruction she spent an immense amount of time “talking with parents over the phone trying to ease parent concerns and helping them navigate a very difficult time. She is patient, kind and caring. She is a superstar nurse!

Gabriela Morales - Paraeducator/Bilingual, Conejo Elementary School
Gabriela has worked with many students throughout their elementary school experience, and she has been a constant support for many of them. She is dedicated and cares deeply for every student that she works with. Her patience and compassion for our students is beyond compare. Many of Conejo Elementary's families depend on Gabriela to break down language barriers and help them feel connected to their students’ learning and the school environment. Gabriela is a valued member of the Conejo classroom community. 

Corinne Wakefield - Paraeducator III, Thousand Oaks High School
Corinne is an extremely talented, strong, and inspiring paraeducator. She is flexible, professional, punctual and dependable. She is self-motivated, kind, patient, and smart. She develops rapport with all the students she works with and modifies behavior programs, curriculum, and demands appropriately and independently as circumstances change, sometimes multiple times in a day. She is eternally patient with students, encouraging, compassionate, and nurturing. Her ability to gage each student’s particular needs is outstanding. She is optimistic and has a sense of humor that lifts and inspires the staff and students in the classroom. She is generous with her time and energy. 

John Henrikson - Print Services Specialist, CVUSD Operational Center
It’s one thing to do one's job well – it's another to use that position to help others look good too. I admire and value John as a professional and as a person. He is easy to work with, knowledgeable in his trade and truly understands the "agency-client” relationship. In this digital age, much has changed, and John's expertise and knowledge has helped to ensure the best possible products are produced. The District relied on John to prepare huge printing jobs when student instruction transitioned to remote and when it was time to prepare the COVID-19 related signage for our campuses to promote health and safety protocols. He was an invaluable member of the CVUSD team during a challenging year.

The 2020-2021 Classified School Employees of the Year were recognized at the Tuesday, June 15, 2021 Board of Education Meeting.

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