Congratulations Kristen Maturo – CVUSD’s May Teacher of the Month!
Kimberly Gold
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Congratulations Kristen Maturo – CVUSD’s May Teacher of the Month!

Kristen Maturo is an exceptional educator, who is dedicated to shaping the lives of students. For nearly a quarter of a century Mrs. Maturo has been a teacher at Sequoia Middle School, where she continues to make a lasting, positive impact on the school’s campus. 

Mrs. Maturo is not the loudest, nor the most vocal person on campus. She leads with a quiet optimism, which grants her much respect amongst students and staff. In addition, she embraces challenges while remaining positive, and initiating a problem-solving attitude. Mrs. Maturo is always thinking about what is best for her students and the school.

Mrs. Maturo is an outstanding instructor. She currently teaches Social Science, and has also taught English. She incorporates many styles and activities into her classrooms depending on the varying needs of students. She is reflective, and is consistently looking at new ways to hone her craft. Whether it be through using Chromebooks as a learning tool, having students work in collaborative groups to discuss key learning, or by providing students with different avenues to learn materials and to demonstrate their knowledge through a UDL approach, Mrs. Maturo’s strength in instruction shines through.

Another one of Mrs. Maturo’s remarkable traits is her ability to connect with students from diverse backgrounds, and who may have challenges at school. She gets to know her students by asking about them, and by incorporating this knowledge into her lessons. She always has a smile on her face, and it is evident that students enjoy being in her class!

Besides her work in the classroom, Mrs. Maturo also dedicates her time to supporting school-wide programs, and initiatives. She helps with the Peer Tutoring program, collaborates to promote inclusion, and serves on the CREW (Social Emotional Learning) committee.

To celebrate Mrs. Maturo’s May 2020 Teacher of the Month recognition, members of the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, and Dr. Mark McLaughlin, Superintendent of Schools presented her with a commemorative plaque in a surprise ceremony on Tuesday, March 10th

Thank you Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce and congratulations Mrs. Maturo!

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